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Enjoy Some Family Fun With The Toronto Argonauts!


When it comes to doing fun things with the family we are sometimes at a loss. We have a very big family and no vehicle to get around so we rely on the TTC (public transportation) so if the subway, street car or bus doesn’t go there — neither do we. It can also be pretty stressful so I’ll admit being pregnant for the first half of summer, and now having a little baby to tote around with us for the last half we didn’t do much.

That is until the Toronto Argonauts contacted me. I was thrilled and so was my husband to say the least. I’m not a big football fan, I’ll be honest – I haven’t the first clue about football. I do like to watch it though, so I was looking forward to going. I was contacted at the beginning of August right before I went in to have Hanna so we had lots of time to plan and figure out how we were going to attack this with 7 kids, after all it would be our first official outing as a family of 9 – how exciting!


The Toronto Argonauts sent us some goodies. My husband and I some t-shirts and the kids little Argo’s bags full of goodies (hats, footballs, kids club membership and adorable little stickers to put under their eyes like the players!) my kids were thrilled!

We decided since our tickets to the game, on August 31st would get us into the CNE we’d head out a bit early and stop at the CNE for a ride or two. My kids weren’t really behaving that well so I had taken the rides away from them, so when we got there they were only allowed 1 ride each! By the time they were done it was time to head to BMO field for the game!

The Argonauts were playing against BC Lions and I had done a bit of reading up and was really looking forward to seeing what was going to come of the game. We got to our seats (which by the way were AMAZING) just in time for them to come out – my kids were really excited as you can see below Jackson – the second we took our seats was up hollering and cheering it was the cutest!


The game was really entertaining. We were put on the jumbo-torn quite a few times which had my whole family giggling and enjoying. The team mascot, Jason really made my kids night. Not only did he come up and fist bump them, he came back throughout the game. Laid on the vacant seats in front of us, played with Justin and danced with Jackson. My kids still talk about Jason, to this day.




My first CFL experience was great. Sadly, The Toronto Argonauts lost 16-13 to the BC Lions but they did a great job, and kept the whole crowd on their toes. The crowd was really into the game, and everyone was having a blast. Even though they lost, this was such an amazing experience for our family. None of us had ever gone to a game before, I didn’t really know how the kids would do at the game, or if they’d enjoy it but they all did great and they all LOVED it.







The Cheerleaders were also really great, so they are really worth mentioning – not only did they do a great job throughout the game, they put on a wonderful half time show and now both my girls want to be an Argo’s Cheerleader! They are great.


To say I’m surprised is an understatement. I really enjoyed myself, as did everyone else in my family – and we can’t wait to go back. If you are ever in Toronto and are looking for something to do check out the Argonaut’s schedule and see if they have a game you can attend! Even if you aren’t really a fan of football, it’s actually really fun and entertaining. I was cheering and getting right into it along with everyone else.

The players, there were even a few who would raise their arms up and get the crowd excited and hollering! That was a highlight for me – watching how the players were. They all seem extremely passionate about their game, but a lot really seemed to dig the crowd and our energy. They’d get us cheering and going, which was a lot of fun but showed they knew we were there which to a non-football junkie was really nice to see. I am for sure a fan now.

While I am still clueless when it comes to football (what the heck is a first down anyway?) I am trying to learn. and hoping togged back to a game soon! Loads of fun for families, my kids had a blast as well as so many other kids I saw dancing, cheering and spending time with their families!

Connect with the Toronto Argonauts:

Website: http://torontoargonauts.com  Facebook: Argos Football  Twitter: @TorontoArgos

Huge thank you to the Toronto Argonauts for having us at the game! It was a ton of fun and we as a family cannot wait to go back and catch another game! Also huge thank you to Jason the team mascot for entertaining my littlest kiddos and making their night!

Disclosure: We were invited to this event and were given special perks. However, all opinions and views are my own and 100% true.

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