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Erin Condren Notebooks

Okay, I apologize. I’ve fallen under the spell. The Erin Condren spell. I absolutely LOVE my EC products and recommend them to everyone!
Because not only do I absolutely love the quality of the products but I really love how wonderful their Customer Service is as well as their team behind social media. Amazing all around. What is Erin Condren you ask? Well take a look at – I’ll wait….. Okay, awesome right?
I’ve had nothing but pleasant experiences and great quality products. I now have a Life Planner and this beautiful notebook.. 

I ordered “favorite things” the best part of the whole thing? Picking out all of my favorite things in this world for the cover. LOVE.
I have yet to write in it because I’m not too sure what I want to use it for yet but either recipes, fish logs (we just got some new aquariums and fish) or maybe I can use it for blog ideas and posts/giveaways.
I absolutely love Erin Condren and the products I have gotten have been incredible, I even won a shirt off their Facebook page when they did a giveaway. Which is super comfortable, and I love the fit…

But I do have 1 gripe. Shipping to Canada. While I don’t really mind that it’s higher, $39.95 is extreme. I didn’t really mind paying that either, what I did mind was the fact they use FedEx and the fact FedEx adds on some charges too.
I got a bill the other week for $14.17 sure it’s not a lot but on it it said the value of my item I bought was $20. Which wasn’t, it was $50 without shipping and even if it was $20 paying $14.17 extra just didn’t seem fair.
So I called FedEx to pay it and ask why I was being charged $14.17 in duties for this item and I was informed it ISNT duties, it’s a FEE FedEx added on to and I quote “rush, and release my package from customs” umm WHAT?
In fact my duties on this item? $2.89 – that’s a big leap from $14.17… As a one time curtesy they removed their fee and I just had to pay the $2.89….
So although this isn’t an Erin Condren issue – the fact that they use FedEx is and although they did promptly respond to my Facebook message about this saying they are looking into other shipping options I just don’t know if I will be able to order from them again for a while… Which is sucky because I want note cards, gift tags and a few other things but can’t have all these silly fees on top of the already high shipping cost… It just isn’t worth it to me.
However, if you are in the US or even in Canada and would like to try a product or two from Erin Condren I would love it if you would use my referral link? Not only would YOU get $10 off your first purchase but I too would get a $10 credit and it may help me with those silly fees so I can order more goodies too:)
I promise it is worth It, and I probably won’t be able to help myself from ordering. Just wish the fees were eliminated or at least shipping was a little less to make up for it! Hopefully one day.