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Yesterday after we did some shopping I decided we needed to put our tree up. We usually have it up by now but we’ve been busy. 
I went to the basement into our cold room/storage room to dig out all the tree stuff. I couldn’t find any of the decorations for the tree, not even the strings of lights! I couldn’t figure out what the heck was going on then I remembered we threw it all out last year. Well, the lights anyway. They were all breaking and we didn’t want to do multi-colored lights anymore. A lot of the balls and decorations got broken so while we did have some, the majority of them were garbage.
So I nursed the baby and ran to the store to grab some lights and decorations. I got the last 7 packs of clear lights which I am so thankful for because the clear looks so much better than the multi-colored, right?
Husband put the tree up while I grabbed the kids from school after finishing up at the store (I spent 5 minutes in the store, I grabbed everything and off I went!) when we got home there was some drama with kids not listening, and my oldest being put in his room for a bit. Once that was all settled it was time to do the tree. I let the kids decorate it however they wanted. We of  course were standing with them as I always make it a “family thing” but I let them put everything where they wanted. Every single year we all usually put the stuff on, but I get very obsessive over the tree. I would move balls around, fix garland and I ended up knocking the tree town SO MANY TIMES. Not good, so I promised them they could do it all and I wouldn’t touch it what-so-ever. I haven’t either, and I don’t plan to. They did an amazing job and it looks fabulous!
The only thing left for us to do is the outside lights. Hubs needs to get his butt in gear and get on it. He’s hoping to do it Thursday when he’s off for some appointments. I’m just hoping the snow they predict doesn’t end up coming because he will be mighty cold!
This morning I was woken up to loud, loud screams of “Elfie’s here! Elfie’s here Mom!” it was so adorable…. It came from #2, #3 and #4. Jordan is a bit too old, and Jackson/Justin are too young still. But it was so cute to wake up to. 
He of course found some of the extra garland we didn’t use, hung it to the ceiling light in the living room and is just hanging out! 
All morning all we heard was “Can Elfie talk? Will he talk to us?” and “Oh, I can’t wait to see where he is tomorrow morning!” the fun in this little stuffed Elf is completely heartwarming. Just an added bonus to make this time of year even more special than it already is! I am completely in the mode now, look out everyone!
Next up? Christmas shopping. Can you believe a Christmas freak like me has only bought 1 gift? My husband’s. How awful right? I am hoping to go this Thursday when hubby has an extra day off for some appointments during the day. Justin and I can bundle up and head on out. I don’t even know where to begin. I’m very disappointed in myself for not starting sooner. I hate crowds and I hate waiting until the last minute. This will be fun…….