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Fabulous Gift Ideas For Babies Under 1!


Over the past 11 years of being a mom I’ve grown to love products new and old. So I thought it would be fun to put together some of my most favorite items I used during the first year of Justin’s life. I know it’s easy and nice to get babies clothes, sleepers and stuff that like but why not get something they may use more than once before out growing? I know once I finally got all my baby clothes together, and gifts from others I had so many clothes, outfits, single pieces that I didn’t even get to use. No one wants that. So if you aren’t sure what to get someone and you really want to buy an outfit – that’s fine too!

But, here are a few alternative items I absolutely loved and some of which I even reviewed here on Six Time Mommy over the last year!

1. Mayapple Baby Teethers: These are incredible. I received both the ABC teethers and Suri and Friends teethers from Mayapple Baby back in February 2014. Justin still uses these teethers to this day (and hes 15 months old) so while I do recommend getting these when a baby is under 1 as they start teething they are good until any age to suck on, play with and tote around!

2. Baby Shusher: The Baby Shusher is one of those genius ideas that when you see it you think to yourself “Hmmm I wish I would have created that!” because it’s so good. I reviewed the Baby Shusher back in January 2014 and we used it for a good few months. It’s small and can go with you anywhere!

3. Aden+Anais Swaddles: I discovered these swaddles before I got pregnant with Justin. I had started collecting them and by the time he was born I had over 40. I haven’t reviewed these however I used them daily for the first year of Justin’s life and still do. The older kids even love to use them on the couch to watch tv. So these you can get for a baby under 1, but also older is fine too and they last a good while.

4. Kael+Kaed Baltic Amber Necklaces: I’ve been using these necklaces from Kael+Kaed for just over 2 years now. Jayden, Jackson and Justin wear them. We haven’t dealt with cranky teething pains, or restlessness since having the necklaces on. I recommend for babies 4 months and up. If its real amber, it will work. Kael+Kaed is my go to for all of my Amber and Hazelwood needs! I did post a review back in January 2014 however the necklace I did review was purchased by myself.

5. SleepBelt: I received the SleepBelt to review back in February 2014 Justin was a little bit too big for the SleepBelt but we did use it quite a bit as he is a huge snuggler and avid breastfeeder. It made being able to cuddle, nurse and soothe him much easier while also tending to the other kids when it came to reading, homework and cuddles with them as well!

6. Oball: This is a huge favorite of Justin. I received and reviewed an Oball Obounce Activity Centre, and although he still loves going in it and jumping around he also likes to detach the Oball and play with it. It’s one of his absolute favorite toys. It won’t break, it isn’t too hard and it can fit right in your bag or in the stroller with baby for on the go! Justin loves toting it around when we are out and about!

I am quite confident any of these items would make a perfect first year gift. Most even last until well after the baby is over a year old. Which is a huge plus. These are just a few of my favorite items that left a great, lasting impression on me and my family and have helped us enormously. However, if you aren’t as impressed as we were by these presents, you might want to consider looking at websites such as giftunicorn for example. My friend recommended that website to me, she said “I found this list of presents inspiring for my goddaughter’s baptism“. It might be worth seeing if you can find any presents you like on that website, or you could look around on other gift idea websites until you find the perfect present!

My kids also love dancing, and any toy that plays music. danelectro anyone? Maybe I will do another post at some point with musical and educational toys too!

What is one gift you got or gave to a baby for a 1st Christmas that was memorable?