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A Fairy is Moving in Thanks to the Irish Fairy Door Company!


When I was younger I wasn’t really much of a girly girl. I had mainly male friends, I liked to go outside and play – and play hard. I didn’t care if I got dirty (ok, so what if I went inside 100x a day to wash my hands!) I loved playing, and using my imagination. It was something I lived for, and I want my kids to feel the same way.

My girls seem to be really big girly girls. They love everything there is about being a girl. Getting their hair done, their nails done, dressing up, purses, and even playing with make up. They believe in fairy tales and who am I to break their little dreams? Kids only live once, so let them be kids, right?

Well, that is true for fairies too! They love, and believe in Fairies (Ava more than Kyla, but still) so when I was contacted by the Irish Fairy Door Company I knew my girls would get the biggest thrill out of putting a Fairy Door into our huge, old tree in our backyard — and I was right.


This is our big glorious tree. It covers most of our backyard, and its gorgeous. I love sitting out back under the tree and now, I get the joy of sitting out back under the tree with our new neighbours – the fairies!



Well, guess what? They’ve moved in to our tree!





The Irish Fairy Doors

Take imagination to a whole new level with your very own fairy at home. Choose from 6 different door colours and set your door up at any point in/outside of your house with easy access for your new magical family member. Register your fairy online to receive weekly updates from Fairy Valley and even fun emails from your own fairy filled with activities and special missions for the kids. The doors come with a special lease agreement for the whole family to sign, as well as rules and guidelines for your fairy.

This pack also comes with a book, door, a tiny key in a bottle, wooden stepping stones, a small note pad and a scroll.
MSRP: 39.99

The Fairy Clothes Line

Genuine handcrafted fairy clothes, designed in Ireland, for female and male fairies. Although washing and drying of clothes is the fairy’s own responsibility, we are happy to provide a washing line, should it be required.
MSRP: $12.99

Being a little kid isn’t forever, so why not enjoy it while they are little and can? My girls love their new fairy door and often ask what kind of fairy they think moved in. My boys even had a blast trying to get the fairy door in the right spot just so all the fairies would be able to find it and make homes in our tree. After all, it’s a really big tree there is room for many fairies and their families!

If there is one thing I am sure of it’s that kids don’t get to be kids for long enough anymore. I want my kids to know although some things may not be real, they are still fun and we are still able to use our imaginations to dream and enjoy. We have been enjoying our fairy door for a while now, and although we will have to pack it up for the Winter (which brought on a whole bunch of “how will the fairies get in and out?” questions) as Toronto will be getting some snow soon – we are all enjoying our new backyard addition.

I think because of the weather around these parts we will have to affix the door somewhere permanently inside our house so we can enjoy it all year ’round and the fairies will be about to get in/out safely.

Do you have someone in your life who could use a little more magical imagination play? Check out The Irish Fairy Door Company!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was given this product complimentary to post this review. However all opinions are mine and 100% true.

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