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Fall Cleaning To-Do List + Free Printable

With fall now in full swing it’s time to think of getting ready for the much colder weather. That change is in the air and all around us and definitely needs to happen in the home. Spring isn’t the only time to do some cleaning. With summer coming to an end there are always things to do to prepare for the cooler weather and get your house tidy and ready for the new season. Don’t try to tackle it all alone either; don’t be afraid to hire some help from places that can help, especially if there are hard to reach areas that would be dangerous for you to attempt without the correct equipment. Below you will find some ideas for your Fall Cleaning To-Do List + Free Printable that you can use and cross off as you go!

Fall Cleaning To-Do List + Free Printable


  • Get a furnace inspection
  • Make sure you have extra batteries – especially for flashlights
  • Restock your first aid kit – kids use so many band-aids! They are the new stickers!
  • Stock up on candles and matches/or lighters
  • Have your salt for driveways and sidewalks ready!
  • Make sure to test smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they are functioning properly
  • Put water hoses in storage
  • Pack away your summer clothes or donate what is too small and can’t be passed down to the next child
  • Check your gutters and see if they need to be cleaned
  • Dust your light fixtures and fans
  • Do a good deep clean behind ovens, refrigerators and other large appliances
  • Reorganize the garage if needed
  • Clean and organize your pantry
  • Get out your fall/winter gear or buy what needs to be replaced or what has been outgrown
  • Get carpets cleaned

Do you have a fall checklist? If so what do you do that isn’t on this list? Good news for you if you aren’t already tackling all of this – we’ve made it into a printable so you can get on it ASAP!

Fall Cleaning To-Do List + Free Printable


Living in Canada and being in the north means we will be having snow pretty soon. It was in our forecast for this week (Halloween to be exact – ahh!) – and LUCKILY it changed to rain.

While I’d rather snow on Halloween than rain; I’d much prefer a little bit more time to get prepared. Things are almost done at our house for the colder weather but I’ve been slacking so join me on getting ready for the cold weather. Print your printable now – Fall Cleaning To-Do List + Free Printable.

Already done your fall cleaning and preparing? No problem! PIN for next year.

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