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Family Movie Night With Boss Baby – Now on Blu-ray DVD!

We’ve been really busy the last few months so when new and fun movies come out most times we miss them in the theater and enjoy them when released to the home movie! This past weekend we moved! We moved to a brand new city into a brand new 5 bedroom house (well, new to us!) and none of us could be happier. Honestly, I haven’t felt more comfortable and happy in a really long time!

What could be better than celebrating our very first movie night in our new home than with a brand-new movie, The Boss Baby!

About Boss Baby

Seven-year- old Tim Templeton suddenly finds his share of parental love plummeting when his new baby brother arrives—wearing a suit and toting a briefcase—and makes it clear to everyone that he’s in charge.

When Tim discovers that Boss Baby is on a secret mission, he reluctantly agrees to team up with his pint-sized sibling for an epic adventure that might just change the world!

Cast: Featuring the voices of Alec Baldwin (Boss Baby), Toby McGuire (Adult Tim/narrator), Lisa Kudrow (Mom), Jimmy Kimmel (Dad)

The Boss Baby Special Edition was released July 25th on Blu-ray and includes many bonus features like:

  • New Mini Adventure, a 3-minute action-packed journey through time featuring Boss Baby and Tim
  • Featurettes
  • Deleted Scenes
  • And More

For our very first family movie night in our new house, I wanted to make sure it was special! I made some fun snacks and the whole family sat down and watched the movie together! The kids thought the movie was just fabulous, and I couldn’t agree more. Such a fun movie for the whole family!

My kids had bugged for days to sit and watch the movie, so when it was finally time to sit down and relax – they all sat so quietly and watched. They loved it, and we’ve actually watched it two more times since our first viewing!

Things always get crazy when you move and are trying to get things settled into place but there is always time to have a little break and enjoy a family movie night! We have a Family movie night every week and I always look forward to it. Add another fun, light-hearted movie to your collection and be sure to pick up Boss Baby on Blu-ray as of July 25th!

I was also sent this awesome package containing really fun The Boss Baby items. My kids had so much fun with all the contents! Such a fun movie, and swag!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Dreamworks and Boss Baby. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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