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Why Every Family Should Have a Dog (or three!)

I grew up in a household with tons of animals. We always had two dogs and two cats. Plus my mom had a zoo of iguanas that she adored. So, it was only natural I have tons of animals when I grew up and had a family of my own, right?

I am a firm believer that every child deserves a dog. Dogs are more than just pets. They are an essential part of the family with their own identities. They can really help complete a family. However, it’s important to note that a dog is for life, not just as a cute present. If you are planning on getting one for your kid, then you need to make sure that you are well prepared. For example, you need to know what sort of food to get, how much they exercise they need.

Today I’m sharing why every family should have a dog (or three) like us!

Why Every Family Should Have a Dog (or three!)

  • Dogs are amazing companions: Not only do they keep you company when you are alone they are also amazing for being companions. They listen, and don’t talk back! They comfort you when you are down and they are just there any time you need them. They don’t judge you and they are always by your side.
  • Dogs teach great responsibility: As parents, we already know everything we need to about responsibility. Dogs can teach our children about responsibility better than we can, and I’m a firm believer in this. Kids can help with feeding, walking, brushing, bathing and all the care a dog requires. This is valuable and a much-needed life skill they will use throughout their life.
  • Dogs can you stay healthy: Did you know dogs can detect changes in the human body and can ultimately help save your life? I knew I was pregnant a few times earlier than expected and decided to test thanks to my dogs (and even my . cats) acting weird, laying on my belly, etc. Having a pet, studies have shown can help reduce your blood pressure and helps reduce your risk of illnesses.
  • Dogs can emotionally help children: Not only are they amazing companions but they are also extremely helpful to children with emotional issues and diagnosed medical conditions like ADHD. Our son Jayden, finds great joy and happiness when it comes to his dogs. After he’s had a rough day, he loves cuddling with our dogs and talking to them instantly helps his mood and well-being.
  • Dogs help increase your mood: Ever feeling low and have a dog run up to you so excited and lick your face? Our dog Ace I swear should be visiting the elderly and those in hospital. That dog will change your life. Spending time with a dog, up to just 20 minutes a day can help boost one’s mood. Reducing stress and increasing happiness.
  • Dogs help kids miss less school: Research has shown that children with dogs at home miss less school.

All-in-all dogs make amazing family pets. I personally believe every family should have at least one dog, and those who don’t are really missing out. There are so many benefits and if you have any children that suffer from emotional, mental or physical issues – you will notice a dramatic difference when they are able to help take care of and bond with a dog!