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Five Amazing Blogs You Should Absolutely Read

Over the past 12 years that I’ve had blogs on and off there have been many blogs I’ve grown to love. Not all are still active today which is unfortunate because they were incredible. But I’ve found lots of new ones along the way I cannot go a day or two without reading.
Some of the blogs I’m going to share I haven’t been following for long but have grown to love, and some I’ve read for years!
So here you have it, blogs you SHOULD be reading!
Spiffykerms – absolutely amazing. I’ve known Nancy for years online. Her blog has been around since 2003. Not only does she blog about beauty, fitness and fashion she also has really great reviews. She is an absolute must read.
Masshole Mommy – A newer blog I’ve started reading, but has been around a good while – She is one of my must reads daily. She always has great tips, entertaining posts and fantastic stories and photos.
GayNYCdad – I don’t follow many dad blogs but this one is a must. He has interesting, and great posts. His son is around my oldest sons age so even my son gets a kick out of reading his site for all the latest and cool reviews, and info!
Carol Au Courant – Semi local to me Carol not only reviews hotels, posts amazing recipes and giveaways but her blog is just a great read! I love finding really cool local places to visit, and read her experiences, it’s a must read!
Krystal’s Kitsch – Stop everything you are doing and head to Krystal’s blog. Want to find mouth watering recipes? Look no more. Krystal has it all. I’m absolutely obsessed with finding new meals, and fun dishes – she has the most incredible recipes and posts.
Well there you have it! 5 blogs I read daily and absolutely recommend if you are on the hunt for new blogs to follow along and read. I promise they are well worth it! Happy Reading!