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Say CHEESE and Enjoy Some Fondue! #MiniFondueBabybel


If you are like us we LOVE cheese. So there would be no question when it comes to cheese and fondue. I’ll admit I don’t really think of dipping my snacks in cheese, or anything like that. It’s just never really something that crosses my mind. However for a limited time, Mini Babybel Original nets of 6, 12 and 18  found at your local grocery store will include a special surprise: a Mini Fondue cup!

We are huge fans of Babybel in our house. My kids love taking them to school as they are the perfect size not only for their lunch bags but for them to snack on at recess or snack time and they do’t have to worry about repackaging, it falling on the floor or getting thrown out because they can eat one or two in a sitting very quickly! They are perfect portions for school. So we get them all the time!

The mini fondue collectible cups, offered in 4 bright colours, will allow you to have fondue on the go, in a quick sitting or as a late night snack with your favourite movie — they can literally go anywhere, and fit in the smallest of diaper bags, purses, or even pocket! Mini Fondue is sure bring everyone together for a nutritious and entertaining snack — just 30 seconds in the microwave is all it takes, requiring minimal prep and cleanup.


I was thrilled that my kids wanted to try these. I’ll admit, I was nervous but was very pleased with how delicious it was (hello, its Babybel what else would it be but delicious)! And I really enjoyed dipping apples into the mini fondue cups. I have to cut my apples as my teeth are very sensitive and this is much healthier to dip than chocolate or any other dips, and it’s really good. With a 30 second zap in the microwave it was a quick treat we all really enjoyed, especially my husband! He is a major Babybel fan, and well let’s just say he thoroughly enjoyed each and every cup!



We will for sure be keeping our mini fondue cups, and be taking advantage of having mini babybel fondue often. It’s a really fun way to have a treat while watching movies — my kids can just sit with their cup and dip away while watching. No mess, no fuss and really, no clean up!

babybel5 babybel6

Aren’t they super cute? They are really small so they are perfect for a snack, or for the kids! My kids wanted to take them to school but sadly they don’t have access to a microwave to zap them in for 30 seconds, so we saved them for our movie night when we watched Finding Dory!

Enjoy Babybel and have a nice light snack that will fill you up! Be sure to grab yours before they are gone!

Tell me, how do you like to enjoy your favourite fruits and chips? Do you use dips or fondue? Would you enjoy these Mini Babybel Limited Edition Fondue cups as much as we did?

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