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Food Storage has Never Been so EASY: Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids!

Food Storage has NEVER Been So Easy: Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids! - sixtimemommy.comAs a mom of 6 storage is always an issue. Even in the kitchen. Right now my kitchen is pretty decent in size and storage can sometimes be a clutter, but for now my main concern is food storage. It never fails when we save containers from Ice Cream or Margarine, the lids go missing or get thrown out so we are left with just the container. That’s extremely unhelpful, if you ask me.

Thankfully, Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids takes the stress out of my kitchen, and brings the ease right on in!

Simple. Easy. Neat. Clean. Durable. Functional. With Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids, you can store neatly in your cupboard until needed – the lids will never get lost because, they snap right onto the bottom of the containers and stack! The Lids even snap to each other and also can sit inside each other for optimal storage! Convenient and Easy! Less mess and clutter!

snapFor me, having a decent container for leftovers is extremely important. When we make dinners we cook for 8, but usually more because who doesn’t love leftovers? So, where is one to put them all? Have you ever had a leftover pot of sauce waiting to be put away but you can’t find a container big enough with a lid? Let me tell you, it isn’t fun. It’s frustrating! But, with Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids I don’t have that problem. I’m able to store leftover sauce, apple crisp and veggies when needed, without hassle!

RUBBERMAID2The lids are extremely tight, I don’t have to worry about the food or a child grabbing it from the fridge. They can turn it upside down, put it sideways and my little one even dropped the container with the sauce, and not a single issue. I was extremely thrilled. They are really well made, durable and thick, not at all thin like others.

RUBBERMAID4My kids have even taken a few of the Rubbermaid Easy Lids to school in their lunch packs because it’s a litterless school, so I can send items with them in the containers. The Easy Find Lids 24 pack I received came with 6 sizes of containers with matching lids. Two 0.5 cups/118mL, Two 1.25 cups/296mL, Two 2 cups/473mL, Two 3 cups/710mL, Two 5 cups/1.2L and Two 7 cups/1.7L! Perfect sizes for snacks, leftovers and even school lunches!

My husband has even taken a few to work with him, and was thrilled at how durable and useful they were.

All containers in this pack are BPA Free, Dishwasher Safe, Microwave Safe and Freezer safe! Talk about hitting the nail on the head with these!

rubbermaid6Lasgana Sauce ready for the freezer, Apple Crisp fridge bound, Red and Orange Peppers for the kids after school snack pre-cut ready for the fridge until 330 and yogurt left over from a store bought package – who wants to throw out extra Yogurt a 3 year old couldn’t finish? Not me!

If you are like me and need a better solution for your food storage needs, and even to reduce clutter in your cupboards Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids are an excellent choice!

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