Frankenstein Brownies Recipe

There comes a time when I REALLY get creative and want to do as many fun things as I can with my kids. Then there comes a time I wish I could have a nap, lay around being lazy and watching movies with my kids all day. Leading up to Halloween it’s usually when I feel productive and want to get things done, even if I’m tired and want to be lazy!

I find baking to be tiring, and most days a big chore — NOT at Halloween though, making themed desserts or treats is just too much fun to complain about!

Do you like brownies? Who doesn’t, right? Well here is a fun treat to take boring ol’ brownies (okay, so brownies are NOT boring! they are delicious and I love them!) and take it to the next level!

Frankenstein Brownies Recipe

Make a boxed brownie mix according to directions. Let cool completely. (or if you’d like a homemade brownie this is a great one to try!)



  • Large Marshmallows
  • Black Icing (Tube)
  • Tub of Prepared White Icing
  • Gel Green Food Colouring
  • Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips


  1. Cut brownies into squares. The squares need to be big enough to place a large marshmallow on top. I used a marshmallow as a guide.
  2. Plate or place on pieces of waxed paper the square brownie pieces and place a marshmallow on top.
  3. Heat tub of prepared white icing for 30 seconds in the microwave – stirring every 10 seconds. The icing will become very runny.
  4. Put a small drop of gel green food colouring in the tub of heated icing and stir until all icing is green. I prefer gel food colouring over liquid as you need to use a lot less.
  5. Once mixed, pour the green icing over the marshmallow and brownie. Make sure the entire marshmallow is covered as seen in the pictures.
  6. When still warm, put one chocolate chips on either side of the marshmallow to make the bolts of your Frankenstein. The icing will ‘glue’ it once fully cooled.
  7. With the black icing create the hair, two eyes and mouth of your Frankenstein.
  8. Enjoy your spooky treat.

Tip: You might need to use a knife to peel the treats off of the wax paper once cooled.




Super cute – this would be perfect to send in with the kids for their classes if they are having a Halloween party! They are so easy to make too so it’s not a ton of work to send these treats on in!

What is your favourite part of Halloween?

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