Free Adult + Preteen Colouring Page Printables

Do you ever feel stressed, like there are not enough hours in the day to get things done? I do! a lot. I often feel like there just aren’t enough hours in each day to get the things I NEED to get done, well, done. I also feel like sometimes I tend to overdo my days. I will take on many projects at once and realize after that I may have just taken on too much.

What do I do when that happens? Well, I try to de-stress. I take a bubble bath if I can, my husband works on weekends so those nights are generally out for my long drawn out bubble baths that bring on all the relaxation feels. But, during the week they are a win. On the weekends, though, that is when I find things get can messy. My husband works in the evenings so I’m in charge of baths, bedtime stories, and the amazing task of getting 6 kids 7months to 10 years old into bed with as little stress as possible. Have you done that before? It can get stressful.

Some weekends I forget to eat dinner so when 9 pm rolls around and the house is generally silent I need something to do. Something to calm me down and make sure I am ready for bed. Adult coloring used to make me laugh. I mean come on, really what adult needs to color? Well, I should have not been so silly about it and tried it earlier because it’s been a real great way to curb stress.

I bought an adult coloring book a few months ago and as I stood in line with one of my daughters talking about it a lady got in line behind us and quickly chimed in saying she has them at work, they are given to all employees. I got curious and asked her why. She said she is a nurse and it helps them on stressful days and in stressful circumstances. SOLD. I knew I needed to try it.

I filled that coloring book up. Now it was time to get creative and make some pages in Photoshop.

My girls have been fighting non-stop lately so I suggested they color. They looked at me like I was crazy, and said they didn’t want to color baby pictures, so I needed to print them up some pages too.

Not only do they now enjoy coloring they actually do it TOGETHER. Shocking, I know. Who knew they actually enjoyed something that was mutual!

Anything I can get them to do together that they actually enjoy and get along doing is extremely important. These two are 10 months apart and are together basically 24/7 now that they are homeschooling, so I will be making some more of these pages more often.

Do you need some time to relax? Could you use a destresser like a page to color? Then you are in luck, down these for free below!


If you enjoy these printables! Please pin for later and for others to enjoy!



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