FREE Emergency Checklist Printable [COVID-19 Quarantine Checklist]


I know we are all kind of freaked out, in panic mode and so confused about all this Coronavirus (COVID-19) stuff. So, I put together a checklist to use when heading out to stock up. You never know if you will end up in quarantine so this is a great way to make sure you grab all the essentials and not forget anything!

At the moment we are all healthy, and okay but we just got word things are changing, and fast. All Ontario schools are closed from now until April 5th. So, I’m keeping my kids at home, indoors with us.

Unfortunately, this virus is becoming more and more serious as the days progress. There have been a lot of reports of companies making workers redundant. People are really losing their jobs due to this virus. It’s getting scary. For those who are now unemployed, it might be worth finding a new venture. This could be a chance to start a business, for example. Of course, starting a business after COVID-19 will be difficult, but people will be able to do it, especially with the help of startup lawyers. Perhaps some people will consider that. It’s important to keep yourself busy in these challenging times. Anyway, with so many of us in our house, I’m really concerned about having everything we need to be stocked up. Last night I noticed we were down to our last three rolls of toilet paper and people all over are reporting shortages. Of course, I started to freak out a little bit after hearing that.

But – it wasn’t until today when the news released the first reported case of COVID-19 in Barrie, where I live. It just got really real for us.


One thing we have to remember when things like this happen – remain calm. A lot of people are freaking out and although it is something to take seriously, we must all remain calm and just wash our hands a little more, stay a little further away from others and if in doubt – see your healthcare provider.

In addition to this list, the obvious items that you will need in order to go out and complete your food shop and gather all the supplies would be to have hand sanitizer and facemasks, to keep you and everyone around you protected. There are N95 mask for sale and also many people are making and supplying facemasks online so that people can ensure that they are properly protected during the pandemic. The most important thing is to stay safe and be prepared! We can get through this together!

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