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Free Photo Challenge Printable for Kids

If you have been a reader for a little bit you’ve probably noticed some changes. One being my photos. I bought a brand new DSLR a few months ago and I’ve made it a point to take a lot more time and effort into my photos.

I’ve since bought professional lighting and gotten a new lens to add to my collection and backdrops too! Photography is one of my favourite things about blogging but I never really put a lot of effort into it until recently. When I started to, I noticed such a difference in quality of work and happiness. The better the photo, the more I took pride in my work and that is something ALL bloggers should feel about their work.

Since I’ve taken a much bigger interest in photos so have my kids. They love photos, and taking them. I often get tired of them stealing my iPhone to snap photos so when I purchased my new DSLR I gave my kids my old point and shoot. They’ve been having so much fun taking photos that I decided to make a fun printable for them to take around the house and when we go on walks, or head out to shop! This printable is a photo hunt!

The point is to find the items on the list and see how many you can find and take pictures of the objects! My kids like to do it in teams and then also against each other to see who finds the most items and who find them the fastest! They must take a photo too, so they’ll have photo proof and can go back to look over them afterwards. It’s a great conversation starter and the kids learn a lot too!

My kids like the outdoors and exploring so it’s really fun for them to take this little list outside but when its cold out, too snowy or a rainy day it’s also perfect and fun to do inside! The other day when it was really cold, freezing rain and snowy Kyla was bored so I printed out the page and off she went to see what she could find in the house to fill it in!

She was thrilled, and it took a little imagination to find a couple of the things, but she did it and was really proud that she did!

Printables have become a big item in our house. I love coming up with new and fresh ideas. The kids seem to really like it too, and if they can learn a little from it as well all the better.

To make it even more fun, have them google what type of bird they found or what type of leaves they encountered and photographed. This little project has endless amounts of fun and be possibilities are endless when it comes to finding the items and taking photos!

Working kids imaginations and getting them to take on a challenge is not only fun and healthy for them but it gets them up and moving. My girls are homeschooled so right now that is really important to me as they sit at the computer for the majority of the day working — now they can have a little fun when they want to get up and move!



So much fun. Do you know anyone who could enjoy a hunt like this?

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