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Free St. Patrick’s Day Coloring Pages For Kids

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner! I thought it would only be fitting to make up some printable coloring sheets for the kids to print and color to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

My kids have so much fun with printables. Now that I make my kid’s coloring pages I’ve become a pretty big hit when it comes to coloring for the kids! I wanted simple and easy so that the younger kids could also join in on all the coloring fun so these are pretty simple.

Kyla wanted to spend a couple hours after dinner the other night coloring her pages. She did 4 of them, and ended up wanting more! I will have to take some time and really sit down and get some more with different photos done.

I also have some word hunts/searches that I am looking forward to posting as I create more of them for my kids! Have you ever tried to do a word search but your kids finish much quicker than you do? I don’t think they’ll let me live that down, I blame my old eyes, but really — they can be so tough!

To print your coloring pages please see below