FREE Valentine’s Day Colouring Page Printable For Kids

It’s still Christmas break here for my kids which means still no school until January 9th! Which also means a whole lot of “I’m bored!” and “There’s nothing to do!” being thrown around like crazy.

Colouring pages are really important to have for those really cold bitter winter days that my kids can’t head out to the backyard or to the park. I find having them on hand my kids can sit, colour and not only do I get some peace the baby can nap while the kids aren’t sitting around bored stiff.

I recently got a new printer so I decided to create some colouring pages for the kids and the first thing that popped into my head was Valentine’s Day! It’s right around the corner, can you believe that?

The kids had so much fun colouring the page, I will be making more but for now thought I’d offer this free colouring page to get the kids all excited for Valentine’s Day coming up!

Justin who is just 3 was going around exclaiming it was Valentine’s Day! He was so excited it was a bit sad to explain that it wasn’t yet Valentine’s Day we were just colouring our page to get excited about Valentine’s Day! He’s so cute, and was too little the past other years to remember what the day even was for!

Printables are really fun to have on hand for rainy days, snow days and even sick days. I find my kids love colouring and if they aren’t getting along, or are complaining they are “bored” it’s the perfect solution and gets them doing something other than making a mess or bothering each other.

Kids of all ages love colouring pages, even my girls who are 10 and 9 got in on the action and it kept them from fighting (which is all they’ve done this Christmas break off school!)


Want to print off this fun colouring page to get your kids ready and excited for Valentine’s Day coming up! Here is it up for grabs for you! Click the pic to download or the Link below.


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