Keep Your Cats Entertained With Friskies Pull ‘N Play #MostPlayfulCat

pullnplaytitleWe love our furbabies so much, they are a huge part of our family and anytime there is a chance to get them some new cat supplies, I jump at it! Tigger is super playful and he loves playing with toys, trying to find treats in places we hide them and he is just a super out going friendly cat. Roo and Charley are more relaxed and although playful most of the time, they aren’t like Tigger. He’s something very special.

I was thrilled to be able to get Pull ‘N Play for the cats, and wouldn’t you know it they all love it — but Tigger, can sit and play with it for hours. He tries so hard to get the treats out. He gets a few, eats them then goes back at it – it’s so fun to watch. It’s seriously the best toy (with treats!) for the bored indoor cat!

Already available South of the border in the United States Friskies Pull ‘N Play is launching in Canada this March, and my cats have been enjoying them for a couple of weeks now!

Playing with my cats is fun and although I wish I could do it more throughout the day sometimes I do have to work, or help with homeschooling so having a toy like the Friskies Pull ‘N Play has been hours of fun for the cats, and when they get tired they can wander off for a nap – and come right back to the toy and treats after!


What is Pull ‘N Play?

Pull ‘N Play takes cat treating to a whole new level. It combines tender edible strings with a wobbly cat toy (Wobbert) that also dispenses Friskies treats! With Pull ‘N Play, you can make treat time, play time. Something my cats are over the moon about!

If your cat is anything like ours then this is hours of fun in one cute, little toy! The best part about this toy is the strings are edible, which if you know anything about cats – they love strings, and being able to eat them well this is a whole new level of awesome for them!




One (1) Six Time Mommy reader will win: 1 Pull ‘N Play gift package including $50 Visa Gift Card, plus a Pull ‘N Play Pack, an assortment of Pull ‘N Play Cat Treats and an assortment of Friskies Party Mix! – – CANADA ONLY – –

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Pull ‘N Play


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