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Fun Donut Craft for Kids

Fun Donut Craft for Kids -

We love doing crafts in our house but sometimes things can get boring. We need to really be creative and think of fun things to do to change it up and make it fun for everyone.

Being pregnant one of my weaknesses is we live in between two Tim Horton’s donut shops, and often walking the kids to/from school it’s all I smell. So, of course a few times a month we need to stop in! I am the biggest fan of sprinkle donuts and when they have them the nutella donuts (oh my gosh, to die for!) so what better idea is to make some donut crafts? Of course the real thing is always better but sometimes this is the better option, and I’m sure the fact I’ve gained 22lbs since February in this pregnancy makes me love these delicious looking paper crafts that much more!

Make Your own Donut Craft

Materials Needed:

  • Light brown paper
  • Pink, purple, and white puffy paint
  • Sprinkles
  • Large cup for tracing
  • Sprinkle lid for tracing
  • Pencil


  1. Trace your large cup with a pencil onto your light brown paper four times
  2. Now trace your sprinkle lid in the center of the larger circle
  3. Cut your large circle out
  4. Now carefully cut your smaller out
  5. Using your puffy paint, paint a large and small wavy circle onto your donut
  6. Fill in your wavy circles with puffy paint
  7. Sprinkle on a few sprinkles and let dry








How fun do these look? My girls can’t wait to put them up on their walls. They look almost good enough to eat!

What type of crafts do you like to do with your kids? Any food related?

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