Fun with The Selfie Stick Bratz Doll + Giveaway #Bratz


Fun with the Selfie Stick Bratz Doll - plus - GIVEAWAY! sixtimemommy.comDo you remember when you were a kid and you anticipated the latest version of your most favorite toy to be released? As a kid I remember it all too well. It isn’t very different anymore either. My kids still wait and talk about their favorite toys like crazy. When a new one is announced as coming out they get excited, talk about it for weeks and finally when the day has arrived off we go to purchase said toy.

For girls Dolls are a major part of their childhood. I still remember all the dolls I had. I remember the ones that cried, the ones that you feed and they pooped, I remember the ones that came with the exact same doll but a different pair of shoes and because of those different shoes I just had to have that toy RIGHT NOW!

My girls? Same. They love Bratz dolls. They loved the movie they recently saw which started the obsession. I became mom of the year when I was sent the Selfie Stick Bratz doll and my girls got to not only keep it but have ball with my phone and the doll – for this post! (don’t worry, they can use my phone plenty for more fun!)




So I let my girls take my phone and go take a few photos.  They had a little trouble with holding the stick, posing and getting along but they’ll learn. I’ve never used a selfie stick and I may have to steal theirs if I need one!

(I snapped a few pics of them snapping pics!)


And here are the snaps they took, which I think turned out pretty great!





Yes, I am afraid for the future but that’s a whole other post. HAHA.

Kyla and Ava are super excited over their new Bratz doll which they promised each other they could share and they are excited about the fact that we are giving away a Bratz doll! woohoo!

Because like it or not the holiday’s are approaching we are giving away ONE Snowkissed Bratz doll to one of you lucky readers!

snowkissedGiveaway is open to Canadian Residents Only.

Bratz Sunkissed Doll Giveaway

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I received this product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and views are my own and 100% true.


  1. Your girls are so cute and it sure looks like they are having fun! I LOVE that you are teaching them the fine art of taking a good selfie while they are young LOL :)

    1. Lol, well you know.. got to equip them with this kind of knowledge while they are young and impressionable! :) They take way more selfies than I do, you should see my phone!

  2. Their selfies turned out great! You can definitely see their personalities shining through those pictures.

    I actually have a selfie stick that just came in the mail over the weekend…never used one before but I decided, why not?! :)

  3. Your girls are adorable! I don’t have any kids but I’d definitely give this one to my favorite god daughter if ever I win. She loves Bratz and I love it too (despite my age) lol. The selfie stick is super cute and I like it because it has the color pink! ;)

  4. I have all boys, but I know a few little girls that would be all over this! Taking a selfie with the dolls is fun for the kids as they play! Your kids are adorable!

  5. My girls love the Bratz dolls. I don’t know if I think they are that cute, but I know if my girls got a selfie stick with their dolls they would just beat each other with it!!

  6. I think these dolls are cute. I wish my teen would have played w/dolls but she never did much. My granddaughter, however, is making up for it and then some. ;)

  7. Your girls are so adorable. Just so cute. I really do like this doll and selfie stick. I bet my little niece would love this and she has a birthday coming up in October.

  8. These selfie sticks are pretty neat! I think it’s a great way for kids to get creative. I’m going to enter the giveaway too. We have a six year old daughter who would love to get a Bratz doll!

  9. Ok. I think I saw this on social media somewhere. Sorry! My daughter is into Barbies already so I can totally get into this. So fun. A lot of people have mixed feeling about Bratz dolls, right?

  10. I still can’t believe you have 6 kids!!! That must be SO MUCH fun!!!!!!! I only have 2 but I want 4. It doesn’t move enough with 2. Lol. And I love to see them interact. I love Bratz Dolls but I don’t have girls! Maybe the next one. :P

  11. The selfie pics are adorable! My daughter didn’t get into the Bratz dolls until just recently, and I know she’d love to have one with a selfie stick! When I was little I had the ever popular Cabbage Patch Doll!

  12. Oh yes I remember those days when I used to be super excited when a new version of my favorite toys are released. Bratz dolls looks absolutely cute & I love that beautiful selfie stick which kids would fall in love.

  13. My oldest which is now 15 used to love Bratz everything lol. Now my 8 year old loves them. This looks really neat.

  14. This is really neat! I love that it’s in the shape of lips. This would be so much fun for my girls. They love taking photos with my phone already. If they could use this for selfies they’d love it!

  15. Bratz dolls are like the new barbies! I was Barbie obsessed when I was a kid and now my daughter and every other kid I know… It’s all about the brats dolls

  16. I had a few, I love my stuffed bunny Hoppy, I still have him. I also loved my Batman & Robin action figures & all the stuff that went with them, the BatCopter & the BatMobile but I loved all my Strawberry Shortcake dolls & accessories too.

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