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Funifi DO: Get Chores Done The Fun Way!

funifiDO: get kids excited about doing chores! -

About The App:
Help boost responsibility! By making chores fun Funifi DO gets kids excited and wanting to do their chores. Set tasks and reward them for a job well done once completed! Parents and Kids can set chores, points for chores completed and reward for when done!

We have used this app for just over a week now and it’s become more of a game to the kids than a boring old chore app! The kids love trying to get more points than each other, and often are overly helpful to gain just a few more points. Not only does it boost responsibility, it also builds confidence (when they get their chores done, they feel great!) and with the kids able to request rewards, and even chores that they want to do gives them the drive to want to get things done so they can get that special reward of their choice!

Ease of Use:
It is extremely easy for parents and kids to login to their own accounts. I showed the kids once and they got the hang of it very quickly. I also found it easy, although I often click the wrong button and it would take me into the kids app, simply clicking the home button brought me to where I needed to be.

Fun Factor:
Funifi DO also has some other fun features such as cleanipedia! It’s a little pop up that tells you fun little tips. There is also colors you can choose for each child’s profile, and little characters thoughout which the kids find amusing and cute! The colors alone draw the kids in to see what is it I’m looking at, so once they see it they want to know more, and see what they can do within the app. It’s very appealing, and fun for the little ones.

Why use Funifi DO?:
Why not? Sure, chores are a part of life and we want our kids to WANT to do them without hesitation and to be helpful but let’s be honest… Sometimes kids just don’t want to help out. I’m a firm believer of them helping, but not all the time and not big responsibilities either. With Funifi DO you can pick from simple (picking up toys, making a bed) to a bit more responsibility (doing the dishes, walking the dog) but nothing too extreme or above the age group your kids fall under. I find this much easier to use than a regular ol’ pen and paper, or something stuck to the fridge. Those get lost too easily in my house… wink, wink.

Why Reward them for something expected of them?:
Because it’s fun! There’s no harm in making things a bit more fun! I’m not sure about you but when we ask our 11 year old to take out the garbage it’s a constant struggle from him with sighs, stomps and the often mutter under his breath. Meanwhile he’s walking around with a $500 smartphone and a bill paid every month. I think there is no harm in extra responsibility and added incentive is fun for them and makes them work toward something. Not much different from school, or everyday life but a bit more fun!

I have made a spot for Jordan, Kyla, Ava and Jayden (ages 11, 8, 7 and 5) and so far they’ve all been enjoying without complaints. I was thrilled to find when I put Jordan’s birth date in it gave responsibilities for us to choose from rather than the same as Jayden or the girls. Each child got 3 different chores to do from me and they got to pick another of their choice.

funi2funi1 funi4 funi5Recommended Ages:
6-8 but it’s even good for those a bit above that age group (5-12 would be a better range)

iOS 7.0 or later. iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Where to get it:
This app is available in the App store by clicking here.




What we all think of Funifi DO:
MOM: It’s fun. It helps me keep on top of what needs to be done, and who is doing what they need to. It helps take a little bit of the hassle away from me too, so I’m not running around all day trying to do everything or trying to remember who forgot to do what. It’s very easy to navigate and add/remove items from rewards and the chores list. I especially love the fact without my password the kids can’t tinker around with anything, and change anything. It’s an app that I think I’ll be using for years to come.

JORDAN: It’s really easy to use. I like that I can easily tap which chore I’ve finished and automatically get the points instead of waiting for mom to do it for me. It’s fun trying to beat everyone else with my scores too.

KYLA: I don’t like chores. But with the app if I don’t do some chores I won’t get the points. The other kids can do more chores and get more points, and we like to see who can get the most points! I am in 2nd place after Jordan and I will beat him for my reward!

AVA: This is a fun app! Better than our chores being on the fridge and fighting over which person has to do what chore! I like that I can finish my chores and go on to say I’m done without anyone’s help!

JAYDEN: I like the colors, and the chores are fun to do because I can get rewards! I really want to go to the movies with mom without the other kids so I will beat their scores! We’ll get popcorn and I can get my points back up and go again!

If you are looking for a way to make chores just a little bit more fun and rewarding Funifi DO is the app for you!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was compensated in some way for this review. However all opinions are mine and 100% true.