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Fun at Home Game Night with Build a Burger!

[su_highlight background=”#e1e3e3″] Disclosure: This post is in partnership with and Educa. As always, opinions are all my own.[/su_highlight]

I know I’ve said this many times before but it’s true, we are a huge game family. We love our weekly game nights and the kids often find themselves playing games amongst themselves too. For this reason, 2019 I plan to start collecting as many different games as possible to keep the game nights fun, exciting and something everyone looks forward to!

This week the girls got together and played this new game, Build a Burger! I haven’t heard as much laughter and fun coming from a game in a long while. It’s a rush to see who can get to the end of the game, by building their burger first and wins!Games like these are fun for the whole family, and we will be adding it to our yearly Christmas Eve game night, too!Kyla and Ava are extremely competitive in nature with each other. Being only 10 months apart does that to preteen girls, and this game made them focus and keep it on the board, but also laugh together which is something I’ve been struggling to get them to do for a long while now.

Build a Burger is fun – how to play:

Ingredient Spaces: If you land on one of these spaces, choose a face-down card from the center of the game board. If the ingredients on the card match the ingredients on your spaces you can add it to your burger!

Burger Spaces: If you land on one of these spaces, shout out an ingredient you need for your burger. Now choose a card fro the center of the game board, if it matches what you shouted, you get to keep it!

“Home” Spaces: If you land on the corner space that is your own home, you get to take an ingredient card of your choice away from any other players. If you land on the corner space that is another player’s home, that player takes a card from you!

Whoever can collect 8 ingredient cards first completes their burger and wins the game! No reading required!

Build a Burger by Educa

Lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, ketchup, and more!

Players collect ingredients cards as they travel the game board, hoping to be the first to complete a Burger. Whoever can collect 8 ingredient cards first completes their Burger and wins the game!

Contents: 32 Burger ingredient cards, Game board, 4 playing figures, 1 number die, and game rules.
Price: $29.99If you are looking for a new game to add to your family game nights, or just want a new, fun game to add to your kid’s collection check out Build a Burger! from Educa and!