Get a Spring in Your Step!


Spring is here, and it has put a smile on my face. I love Spring and all that comes with it even though it is my second favourite season. I don’t mind winter or snow but I love nature, flowers, and just being outdoors with my boys.

Spring means sunny days, rainy days but everything is brought back to life after being in a dormant state for so many months due to the harsh winter season. Each season has its benefits but these are the few reasons I like Spring and you should too!

1. Flowers… and more FLOWERS!

With Spring comes the trees and flowers beginning to bloom. The grass is returning to its thick, green lush state. No more gloominess, dead trees or grass. The sun is out more, and the colours are starting to liven things up and help out that spring in our step.

2.  Outdoor Play

The kids are stir crazy most days in the winter when it is way too cold to go outside to play. With Spring the weather isn’t hot, but it is warmer and allows them to go outside and play, enjoy the fresh air and the many adventures that await them.

3. Warm weather

The snow is gone, and the weather is warmer! This means more walks outside, playing outside with the kids, picnics, a BBQ on a beautiful day and just being able to leave the house to run errands and enjoy the day. In the winter if it’s too cold or just a nasty day outside I refused to leave the house with the kiddos.

 4. Springtime clothes!

Goodbye heavy winter coats and winter clothes. Hello to shorts, flip flops, spring dresses and more! I love being able not to have to wear many layers to keep warm and dress comfortably in warm weather.

    5. Spring is exciting!

Spring gets you out of the winter funk and makes you excited. Spring is cheerful with all that comes with it. The warm weather, the flowers, trees – all of it makes it you’re attitude change for the better when you can now spend your time indoors and out.

Happy Spring, All!

Kristina is a 30-year-old SAHMama to five princes. She loves cooking, baking, and doing fun DIYs with her kids and for her home! She resides in Gretna, Nebraska with her husband Mike, kiddos, and cat Autumn. You can check out her blog Mommy Homemaker and Sons, and follow her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

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