Get a Deep Steam Clean with Hoover SteamScrub™ 2-IN-1 #PowerofSteam


When cleaning what is one thing you want to make sure gets done properly? Your floors! I know for me having 3 dogs, 3 cats and now 7 kids I need to make sure my floors are properly clean. You never know what these kids or animals drag in on their feet (especially if a child wears their shoes inside, which drives me nuts!) so making sure our floors are clean and sanitary is extremely important.

With the Hoover SteamScrub™ 2-IN-1 I don’t have to worry about if my floors are as clean as they should be or if I need to pull out another mop to get the job done properly. I know, when using Hoover products I don’t need anything else. The Hoover SteamScrub™ 2-IN-1 is exactly what I need to keep my floors in tip top shape and as clean as I want them to be.


The Hoover SteamScrub™ 2-IN-1 is 8lbs which makes it very easy for not only me to clean with but when the kids want to help clean, it’s easy for them as well. Not only is the SteamScrub™ 2-IN-1 easy to use on hardwood, but its really easy to use on multiple surfaces such as  Upholster, Grout, Tile, Sink, Toilets, Bath and Shower, it also has attachments for the bbq and to squeegee windows, tiles and mirrors! It’s the ultimate tool to scrub and steam, to get everything you need clean.

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Features & Accessories:


  •  Sanitizes, Kills & Removes 99.9% of Harmful Bacteria* on sealed hard floors.
  •  Scrub Brush encased in the foot – cuts through the heaviest stains.
  •  SteamStreamTM Technology provides a direct steam spray for tough stains.
  •  Detachable Steamer allows you to steam anywhere with hand-held convenience.
    (Especially great for upholstery.)
  •  Steam Tool Kit includes 12 tools and accessories to steam clean everything with ease.
  •  Trigger Controlled Steam lets you choose the right amount of steam for your floors.
  •  Lightweight design lets you clean and carry upstairs and downstairs with ease.
  •  Fast Heating Time has you ready to clean within seconds.
  •  Twin Tank Technology separates clean water and solution tanks, giving you the option to clean with or without
  •  Tank Capacity is big enough to let you clean all around your home.
  •  Carpet glider attachment to refresh and kill bacteria buried deep in carpet fibres.


  •  Steam Cleaner
  •  Steam Connector + Hose
  •  XS & XL Plastic Brush for any surface from tile, sink, toilets, bath and shower
  •  Steel Wire Brush for very stubborn dirt on resistant surfaces like barbecue grills
  •  Grout Brush to lift embedded dirt from in between tiles
  •  Hard Surface Squeegee to clean windows, tiles and mirrors
  •  Upholstery Cloth to refresh clothes and upholstery
  •  Angled Crevice Tool for hard to reach areas around faucets, sinks, etc.
  •  Steam & Scrape Tool remove residue from oven, work surfaces and pans
  •  Carpet Glider to refresh carpets
  •  2 Mop Pads
  •  Tool Storage Bag

WH20440_Handheld_UsageIf you are looking for something that will not only get your floors clean, but just about every other surface in your home then the Hoover SteamScrub™ 2-IN-1 is exactly what you need!

Having a house full of kids and animals I trust my Hoover products to keep my cleaning routine simple, easy and reliable. Not having to worry about having multiple things to do to get my house in tip top shape not only saves time, energy and money but it also saves my sanity. The least I have to do, and worry about I’m all for. I don’t have time to spend hours scrubbing so the Hoover SteamScrub™ 2-IN-1 is perfect for our big family!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I am part of the Hoover #CleanTeam and receive special perks for being part of this group. However, all opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Steam! Wow I love this because I think it really cleans it so well – and I don’t have to pay for the companies to come out and try to upsell me from their $99 per room special. Need this for my white carpets!

  2. My granddaughter is about to start crawling. Guess I need to look into getting one of these to make sure the floors are clean and virtually free of harmful bacteria when she is scooting around on them.

  3. With two dogs and lots of foot traffic I really am interested in steam cleaning my floors on a regular basis! I think I need to share this post with my husband who owes me an anniversary gift!

  4. I could really use this right now. My hood over my stove is in need of a cleaning and I would never have thought of a deep steamer before.

  5. This is the kind of gadget you want in your home! With the kids in school, I have every chance to clean the house and keep it in top shape! This will definitely make my life so much easier!

  6. This would be fantastic to use in the kid’s shower – helping keeping the tub & grout clean! I’m sure it would leave everything sparkling!

  7. My sister is moving into a home with carpets. I will have to share the features of this machine with her.

  8. This mop looks amazing! I am loving all of the different ways that you can use it. Many of my spots that I would clean with something like this are hard to get into and this looks like it could provide the deep clean that I have been looking for.

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