How to Get a Free Babysitter


Do you need to get away from the kids for a day and enjoy a little time as an adult? There are always times when you need to be away from the kids and it doesn’t mean you’re a bad parent or that you don’t love your kids. It’s perfectly healthy and natural to need that time away. Sometimes it might even be due to an emergency.

However, help with babysitting is not as easy to come by as it used to be. Back in the day, families would come together and help one another, and neighbors would also assist. These days, it can seem more difficult to get help and babysitters and daycares are expensive.

What if you could get a free babysitter to help you out? You might be surprised to know that it is possible. Here are some ways to make it happen:

  • Exchange favours: Offer to babysit in return, or to walk their dog, or to do some similar favor for a friend or family member, if they watch your child for a couple of hours.
  • Plan a visit with the grandparents: Chances are good the grandparents might want to spend time with your kids and you can use this time to get your things done, or to catch up on all of those shows you’ve recorded but not had time to see yet.
  • Call in a favour: Sometimes in a pinch you need to call in favors friends or family might owe you. Remember that time you did this-or-that? Now’s time to get a favor in return.
  • Ask friends for recommendations: You’d be surprised at how many people have babysitters they can trust and rely on often they will do the first job for free, or at a discounted rate to see how they get along with your kids and if it will work out. Ask friends and relatives if they can recommend someone trustworthy!
  • Ask friends with teens: Most times teens are looking for experience and will babysit often for free. Of course if it becomes a regular gig they will need to be paid, but often they do it for experience, or even credit for volunteering!

 Remember to always make sure you do your research before settling on a babysitter!

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