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How to Get More Sleep While Pregnant

It wasn’t that long ago (Hanna is now eight months, can you believe it?) that I was pregnant with baby #7. It wasn’t exactly the easiest or best pregnancy I ever had. I will admit I do love being pregnant but that pregnancy took everything out of me. It was so worth it, but looking back I was a miserable mess.

I never really had pregnancy insomnia before until little Miss Hanna, and it was something I never really thought about. It was however really hard to deal with having six other kids depending on me, and I was oh so tired when I couldn’t sleep. If you’re not sleeping properly before you’re even showing a bump, you need to change your sleeping environment ASAP before you find yourself in for the longest 6 months of your life. Try turning off electrical devices sooner in the evening.

Pregnancy is draining and can leave you tired on its own. Then you add the fact that is is so hard to get a good night’s rest doesn’t help matters any. All you want is a good night’s rest. With a few changes, you may not get as much sleep as you did before baby but you will get more sleep than you are now.

Limit potty breaks. Stop drinking fluids early in the evening. Your bladder does not have the same amount of room as it used to and limiting fluids can help your body cut down on the middle of the night potty breaks. You do not want to risk dehydration so be sure to get plenty of fluids early in the day, so you still get all of the fluids you need without the midnight wake ups.

Pile on the pillows. From propping yourself up more to deal with congestion common due to increased mucus production in pregnancy. Grab a few new pillows for a body pillow to find the right position for your belly and hips. A pillow between your legs helps keep your hips and pelvis aligned allowing you to sleep better and have less pain later.

Pad your sleeping space. Mattress pads can make your bed softer and less likely to leave you feeling sore after a night of sleeping on your side. Rolling over is almost an Olympic sport at some point in pregnancy, and you won’t be doing it as often as you did before baby. If a mattress pad is not in the cards for you, grab a soft cushy blanket and fold it to lay under you and take the pressure of those tender points on your body.

Relax and unwind before bed time. Get off social media and away from the drama that can leave your mind spinning too much to sleep. Spend time sipping a calming herbal tea and reading a good book before bed to help your body and mind unwind and calm down so you can fall asleep faster and stay that way. A warm bath and a bit of lavender go a long way.

Spend time during the day being active. A bit of low impact exercise goes a long way to help your body sleep better at night. Give walking and swimming a try to keep impact low. Swimming also takes pressure off your joints, and the muscles are holding your uterus giving you a bit of a break that will relieve pain.

Eat foods less likely to give you heartburn. Heartburn is excellent at waking you up in the middle of the night. Light meals avoiding spicy, fried or acid based foods in the evening can help reduce your issues with heartburn so you can sleep better.

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