Encourage, Build Strength and Boost Confidence With Girl Guides of Canada

My childhood was a little bit complicated. I loved with my mom but visited my dad, and when I was much smaller, I wanted to go into Brownies and Girl Guides in the worst way.

At the time, my dad’s girlfriend had a daughter slightly older than me, and she was in Girl Guides. I would sit and watch her get ready for her weekly meetings and wish I could don the uniform and have a group of girlfriends like the Girl Guides. She was always so happy, and couldn’t wait to go.

Eventually, after sharing with my dad just how badly I wanted to do it too, he signed me up for Brownies. He couldn’t (or wouldn’t I’m not too sure) buy me what I needed for my uniform (I needed a pencil, a sash, etc. really ). So I remember being so excited to join, but then not having all the pieces for my uniform.

Finally,  when I was old enough to be able to join Girl Guides. This was the moment I had waited for the longest time. I was so excited.

Confidence building was one of the things I looked forward to most. I was very shy, and very to myself. Girl Guides helped me with that. I learned so much during my time with the Girl Guides. Coming from a home with only one parent and being youngest of four kids, it was hard for me to open up and be the little blossoming flower I knew I was.

We did lots of fun activities and spent a lot of time in nature which was, and still is one of my favorite places to be.

Guiding is a place where girls and young women can challenge themselves, put their ideas into action, take part in an incredible range of activities and gain the skills to confidently navigate their world.  Girl Guides taught me to be honest and trustworthy, use my resources wisely, respect myself and others and recognize and use my talents and abilities and Girl Guides helped me with my love of the environment. Girl Guides also helped me build my confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth after many major family issues arose, I had my sisters in the Guides to help me guide my way.

Girl Guides offer a safe, supportive all-female environment that welcomes every girl and supports girls in building skills and character. Girls are encouraged to become involved in leading their unit activities, with added leadership opportunities for girls as they grow in the program at age-appropriate levels

Today’s Girl Guides offers the widest range of activities of any extracurricular activity for girls and young women, with opportunities to explore the arts, sciences, outdoor challenges, community service projects, mental health and personal growth, global and media awareness and so much more through enriching experiences that will stay with them for a lifetime.

My girls have expressed to me numerous times they’d love to join something like Girl Guides as well. After I told them how much fun I had as a young girl, they could see how they would benefit from being in Girl Guides, so it’s something we are going to consider after we move in the fall.



Girls join Girl Guides as girl members and attend the weekly extra-curricular program on a yearly basis, with girls their own age. The Guiding program is aligned with the school year, with units starting up every September and winding down in late spring. Girls participate in weekly activities with their units that deliver the key features listed above and are based on a well-researched, flexible curriculum that allows girls to participate in leading their programming, at age-appropriate levels. Learn more or register a girl today.

Disclosure:  This post was sponsored by Girl Guides of Canada, Ontario Council. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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