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If you’ve been a reader for a while you’ll already know we love Cloud b so much. Not only do the products from Cloud b help our kids get a good nights sleep, they also help make sure we don’t have lights on all night and that we don’t have kids coming to our bedroom at all hours of the night when the lights do get turned off.

Jackson is only 5 but he’s never really been one to like the dark. He likes having the bathroom light on at night, although he tries to keep the super bright hallway light on — so I was really excited when we got Charley the Chameleon from Cloud b. I knew it would be a big hit and we’d have a really successful nights sleep. The boys still use their Torsten the Giant Turtle but I did want something smaller for them in case of a sleep over or if we have a camp out in the living room on Christmas Eve like they’ve all been asking it will save having to bring the big turtle down with us!



Charley the Chameleon

This cuddly friend helps children transition from playtime to bedtime with ease. Charley the Chameleon comes with light up scales and soothing sounds to help ease the fear of the dark and make every child feel safer.


  • Super soft plush for the cuddliest cuddles
  • Multifunctional lovey helps kids transition from playtime to sleep time
  • Eases fear of the dark
  • Three night light options – rainbow morphing colors, rainbow blinking colors, or solid rainbow light
  • Two soothing sounds – Rain Forest and Tropical Tunes
  • Easy operation so kids can effortlessly self-soothe
  • Quality construction for years of enjoyment

What’s in the Box:

  • Charley the Chameleon
  • Adoption Certificate to solidify your child’s bond with this new bedtime buddy
  • 3 AAA batteries (Yes! Batteries are included.)

Multi-Sensory and Multi-FUNctional 

With spellbinding sights, soothing sounds, and comforting cuddles, Charley the Chameleon creates a multi-sensory experience that easily lulls your little one to sleep. Based on pediatric sleep research, this little lizard creates a calming environment so your child can get the best rest possible. Exactly what every parent dreams of! Even better, children can cuddle and play with this fun friend all day long – creating a bond that enhances his comforting nature at night.

For more information please visit:

Recommended Ages: 0+
MSRP: $39.99
Available at: Independent toy, gift and baby stores across Canada

The boys used Charley for the past few nights and it’s been great to be able to shut lights off during the night, and not worry about Jackson getting scared. While he used the Turtle it wasn’t able to fit in his bed, where he likes having his light close by him and snuggle with it. Now with Charley the Chameleon he can have it right on his pillow, or snuggled under his arm and still enjoy the sounds and multicolour lights. It’s comforting to him to have it at arms reach and it’s comforting to me to know that he is getting a good nights sleep without waking up a lot during the night (he has been doing this often) and then coming home from school and falling asleep because he’s so tired. The past week he has stayed awake after school until bedtime, and goes to bed at bedtime no questions asked and is asleep within 10 minutes of being tucked in. Huge win for Jackson!


Justin also loves using it for nap times — he usually isn’t one for naps anymore but some days its just necessary as you can tell he is very tired, and after a 1 hour nap he’s good to go but getting him to actually lay down for that nap can be such a challenge. Charley has helped with that, big time!


Now, we can’t forget about our newest addition little miss Hanna. She is an amazing sleeper. She is generally ready for bed by 8/9p she will start to fuss and want to head down to bed. I nurse her to sleep and as long as Justin, and the husband when he gets home are quiet and don’t disrupt her she sleeps through the night. However, recently Justin has really struggled with being in his own bed and usually ends up in mine before dad even gets home from work at night so this often wakes Hanna up.

This now brings us to something she can keep by her side and helps her fall back asleep.


Sweet Dreamz On The Go

These all-in-one baby soothers features eight soothing sounds and melodies, while their faces light up with a soft, soothing amber glow. A built-in sensor works to reactivate the soothing sounds whenever baby wakes.


  • Character face lights up with a soft, calming amber glow
  • 8 soothing sounds & melodies: Mother’s Heartbeat, Ocean Sounds, Gentle Rain, Le La Lu, Claire de Lune, Satie, Lullaby Waltz, Popular Rhythmic “Shhh” Sound.
  • Built in sound soother reactivates when baby wakes or makes noise.
  • Three multipurpose modes: Light and music with no sound sensor, light and music with sound sensor, light only.
  • Adjustable volume control
  • 15 minute auto shut off timer for light
  • 45 minute auto shut off timer for sound
  • Heart shaped clip allows unit to attach to strollers and car seats
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries; Batteries not included

What’s in the box

  • Sweet Dreamz on the Go Unit

All-in-one baby soother

These cute, character-faced soothers are what every parent dreams of! Help calm little ones with comforting sights and sounds, as this adorable unit comes equipped with a built-in nightlight along with your favorite calming sounds and melodies, including the popular rhythmic “shhh” sound. Compact enough to take wherever you go, Sweet Dreamz on the Go comes with a heart shaped clip in a convenient size that easily attaches almost anywhere!

For more information visit:
Recommended Age: 0+
MSRP: $24.99
Available At: Independent toy, gift and baby stores across Canada


While we aren’t out on the go often, when we do head out and we are using the stroller I can just clip it on to her car seat handle and/or the stroller and she watches the lights intently and the soothing music ALWAYS gets her to sleep. She’s such a really good, easy going baby its so sweet to see her cuddling it and falling asleep. I’ve brought it in the bed a few times so she can hold on to it and although it isn’t soft and cuddly she doesn’t care – she will hold on to it and fall asleep making it very hard for me to pry it off her little fingers because she holds on for dear life!


I also love letting her hold on to it when she’s in her swing. Her swing does play music but if she wants to hear the music it has to be loud because it’s so much higher than she is and the house is pretty loud. Which is really disruptive to the rest of the household. So letting her hold on to a Sweet Dreamz on the go unit while she is in her swing has been really great too, it’s like magic!

With the holidays right around the corner gifts are whats on everyones mind right now! Head on over to check out the assortment of products Cloud b offers, and see if theres something right for the little one in your life! I am so thankful for products like these that help sooth, comfort and calm everyone. I am normally Hanna’s personal soother, so this has been helpful so I can get a little rest as well.

Although she still sleeps through the night, I enjoy watching tv before I go to sleep so while she lays beside me if my husband comes home or Justin climbs in the bed and they aren’t quiet, or just happen to wake her up – its a bit easier now to get her back to sleep. It’s really been a help!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I did receive these products for my honest opinions and post. The opinions on this blog are my own and 100% true.


  1. Not one, but BOTH of my boys sleep with the light on. My oldest – IDK why, but my little one is afraid of the dark, so this would be fun for him and maybe help him learn to turn off the light when he sleeps.

  2. We have something similar to the “on the go” owl and it is so great for my granddaughter. I think Charley the Chameleon would be great for kids who are scared of the dark.

  3. I have actually heard a few people raving about these Cloud B products. With a new baby in the house, sleep is definitely on my mind. Will need to check some of these out in person.

  4. Sleep is so important for us all, but my middle child especially doesn’t function if she doesn’t get a good night’s rest. I think she’d love the chameleon to ease her into sleep.

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