The Great Canadian Date Night #MoneyWiseMoms

cdndatenightDate night. One of my favorite nights. Sadly, Peter and I haven’t gone out for a date night since 2008. Crazy right? Well, we do our date nights at home now and although I’d love to get out of the house and be able to enjoy a nice dinner or movie out it just hasn’t happened for us. Why? I don’t trust anyone to watch my kids, so if my kids are still young — our date nights will be at home. Fine by me.

I think dates are so important to keeping a relationship alive and I would say many people agree with me. So much so, there are tonnes of dating sites out there for people to use to meet different people and experience the pleasures of dating. I’ve even heard that there are some sugar daddy sites that are great for those seeking companionship and a luxury date. That sounds like a lot of fun!

Our friends at RateSupermarket.ca held a Date Night downturn survey for Canadians. With the survey they found while after surveying 2,728 respondents about their sentiments on date night affordability that moms and dads are half as likely to have a regular date night as non-parents – because of cost of having a family!

Here is a quick run-down on what RateSupermarket.ca found with the survey:

The Top Reasons Canadians Can’t Afford Date Night:

  • Costs associated with having a family: 18.3%
  • I don’t earn enough for extras like date night: 11.62%
  • I don’t find it hard to afford date night.: 13.4%
  • I’m saving for a big ticket item (car, wedding, new home, etc.): 11.4%
  • My other bills don’t leave me with enough disposable income: 27.6%
  • My rent / mortgage payments: 17.6%

We get it. Believe me, we get it! But what can be done to help this? Do parents not deserve time out, alone by themselves? Of course they do! So our friends over at RateSupermarket.ca have created a list to help more Canadians afford to have a much needed date night!


RateSupermarket.ca’s Top Tips for Affording Date Night

While 50.83% of Canadians spend between $50 – $100 per date night, one quarter manage on a budget of $10 – $50. Here are a few ways to afford a sweet – and less pricey – date night.

Build it into the budget: Include a line item for romantic outings among bills, shelter costs and your grocery budget each month, even if it’s just for a coffee or a movie out. Planning ahead makes date night a priority, rather than an afterthought in your household budget.

Make Rewards Work for You: Are you a savvy credit card rewards collector? Using a card that earns cash back or points on dining, entertainment or grocery costs during date night means you can help offset your household budget in the process. Did you know you can get a US credit card for Canadian citizens? If you were to get an AMEX card, you could earn tonnes of rewards which could pay for more dates or be put towards other things.

Take a Spendthrift Staycation: 36.5% of parents reported they take a romantic vacation fewer than once per year. While the beach may be out of reach for some new families, staying local for a long weekend (with baby at the sitter) can give parents the rejuvenation they need to rekindle their romance.

My thoughts:
While I’d love to go out for more date nights, I’m not sure I could A. Leave my kids with someone while I went out on a date night, I’m not sure I’d enjoy it or be able to have fun not knowing what my kiddos were up to and B. I am just not sure we could afford a babysitter for SIX. I love the idea of a Staycation and I think I could possibly do something like that at some point in the near future, I get why more and more couples aren’t going out for date night so much.

Did you know right now a babysitter can go from anywhere from $20 per hour and $10 per kid. Yup, I did put out an ad a few months ago to see if I could maybe get someone to watch Justin and Kyla if/when I had some doctors appointments come up and the other kids were at school and I decided I couldn’t trust anyone, and I just couldn’t justify the cost. So, instead I just schedule all my appointments around my husbands work schedule and only do them on his days off. Not only is it saving us huge money, but it’s peace of mind for me too.

Date night would be the same. Although in a few years, when my kids are older I’d love to head out on the town for a date night a few times a month – it just won’t be happening right now. Right now we’ll do our date nights from home when they kids are tucked into bed. I’m alright with that – and knowing we aren’t the only ones, makes me feel a lot better about it too.

Love is love – and we’ll spend time together any time, and way we can! Have you ever thought about the Cost of Love? Oh Canada, it isn’t cheap!

What are your thoughts? What do you do for date night? Do you find it to be pricey having a date night?

Disclosure: This post was Sponsored by RateSupermarket.ca. However all opinions are mine and 100% true.

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