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125 Healthy Meals for Everybody and Every Baby – Growing Up Gourmet by Jennifer Carlson


I talk about food often here on Six Time Mommy. I like to make my own versions of treats, or foods because it’s much cheaper than store bought but also because I know exactly what I put into the food I make. This is very important to me, making sure my kids are eating properly and healthy is something I don’t take lightly and I would think most parents are concerned about when it comes to their kids and nutrition!

When my kids were little we’d sometimes be in a big rush – on our way to school, to doctors appointments or other appointments and didn’t have time to whip up a on-the-go snack! So we’d stop and pick up some Baby Gourmet pouches which were always perfect to take on the go!



Growing Up Gourmet

Recently I was given the chance to get an advance copy of Growing Up Gourmet by Jennifer Carlson founder of Baby Gourmet. This book is extraordinary with 125 Healthy Meals for Everybody and Every Baby! Growing Up Gourmet is a total guide to your baby and toddler’s diet.

About The Author: Jennifer Carlson
Jennifer Carlson is the mom behind Baby Gourmet, one of the top-selling organic baby food brands in North America, which specializes in nutritious and delicious food for infants and toddlers. She is an inspiring and motivating speaker for women, entrepreneurs, and busy moms, and a mother herself, with two well-fed children. Jennifer Carlson will show you how to make nutritious, delicious, home-cooked meals for your child’s development schedule! If you’re a mother who’s trying to do her best by selecting organically sourced foods for her child but are deciding between products, like hipp vs holle, websites like Tastyganics can help to make the choice a clearer one.






My favourites being Peanut Butter and Banana Hot Quinoa Cereal, Beef Bolognese With Pasta Stars and Chicken Tortilla Chili! There is something for everyone in Growing Up Gourmet including how to make your own puree baby foods when baby is ready to start solids! Another part of the book I really enjoy is the information about spices. How to buy and store spices but also how to use spices, and what they are good for in a childs diet.

Introducing puree baby foods can be hard on some, as you aren’t too sure where to start or what combos to give. Growing Up Gourmet helps with that! Tired of baby having dull, boring purees they seem to spit out? Try Jennifer’s Apple Sweet Berry Swirl or Peachy Coconut Tofu! Babies deserve to eat just as well as mom and dad so why not try them on good, gourmet foods their bodies need and can process!

Something for EVERYONE!

Over the puree phase? No problem, Growing Up Gourmet has you covered! Chapter 8: Food for the Whole Family has something for everyone in the house and the taste buds won’t know what hit them! With things such as Vanilla Bean Cashew Chia Pudding and Roasted Rosemary Parsnip Fingers everyone will be eating gourmet!

Growing Up Gourmet by Jennifer Carlson

Available: June 21st, 2016

Where to Purchase:, Indigo and at a Store Near You.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was given this product complimentary to post this review. However all opinions are mine and 100% true.

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