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6 Must-Have Halloween Items to Help Throw A Spooktacular Grown Up Party!

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Halloween is all we hear about in our house! All of our kid’s costumes finally arrived yesterday, so mine are ready to go! Something I’ve never done and hope to sometime in the future is thrown a grown-up Halloween party! I know a lot of people who have thrown one and gone to one, and I think I’m missing out!

I had so much fun putting this list together of 6 must-have Halloween items to help throw a Spooktacular Grown-Up Halloween Party! These are all things I know I will be having at mine when that day comes, and I’ve seen at so many others!

Do you throw a Halloween Party? Have anything to add to this list? Be sure to let me know in the comments; I’m dying to hear!

After Christmas, Halloween is my favorite! I love going all out with decorations, making sure my kids get exact costumes they want, and this year for the first time I’m giving out candy! I’ll be staying home with Hanna to hand out candy with the others head out with daddy trick-or-treating! I am looking forward to it!

In a couple of years, I’m looking forward to having a grown-ups party and all the fun that goes along with planning it and throwing it! I plan to include all above and more! What do you do for Halloween?

Do you party? Go out with your kids? Hand out candy? What are your plans for Halloween?

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