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Guest Blog: Are Smartphones a blessing or a curse?

Hey everyone it’s Heidi here on another wonderful Wednesday.

Today I want to talk about SmartPhones. These fantastic little devices that are a mini computer right in our very own hands. I am an iPhone user, I purchased my first iPhone going on 3 years ago. Before I had my iPhone I just had a regular cell phone that was capable of checking email, sending text messages and making phone calls. Nothing fancy but it did the trick through my college years.

Once I got my hands on this amazing little device I immediately became hooked. Everything that I ever needed my laptop for was right in the palm of my hands. I really didn’t ever need a camera because my iPhone had one. Need directions? no problem this has a GPS too. Apps for anything and everything imaginable. I went from a person who rarely used my phone, to a person who relies too heavily on my phone as do so many others. We cannot go out of the house without our phone because we feel “naked” without it. I see it everywhere I go, whether it be to a restaurant, the mall or just for a coffee. Almost everyone has their face glued into their phones instead of having conversations and genuinely enjoying someones company.

I will be the first to admit I am guilty of this myself. My phone is always around and whenever I feel bored I grab it for no other reason then something to do. There is always something to look at, an email to be checked, someone to text and a picture to be taken. I cannot speak for others but I think as a society we rely too heavily on our smartphones and tablets. Recently I have been trying to limit my iPhone time as much as possible. I am not always perfect but I am getting better. Starting tomorrow I am going to only use my phone for taking the occasional picture, while my son is napping and then again once both kids are in bed. I want to be present in my children’s lives as much as I can. Having my face in a phone is not going to achieve my desired outcome. Children are only little for so long and I don’t want to miss out on anything, or have any regrets.

Children need our presence more then our presents. <3 Heidi