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Guest Blog: Back to a routine..

Thanks someecards this is exactly me yesterday!
Hey all it’s Heidi on this terribly freezing Wednesday. I hope that you are staying warm wherever you are. Yesterday was my daughters first day back to school after the winter break. I was so ready for her to go back. Not because I didn’t enjoy her being home or spending time with her, I absolutely did. It almost felt too long to me. It threw everything we have worked towards out the window. 
This is her first year in school and it’s full days, it was a big adjustment for all of us. She absolutely loves going and being with her friends, but I find it really takes it out of her. Yesterday she didn’t even want to go and was saying she wanted to stay home with me. It made me sad, but I knew she had to go. Once she came home she was happy and was very excited to go back. On Monday evenings she goes back to her school for a language course. She is always thrilled to go because they do fun activities in the gym as well as arts and crafts. Yesterday was a complete no go and she was in tears begging to leave. Of course we took her home and said we will try again next week. I am chalking this up to being exhausted and totally not being back in the swing of things.

Last night before bed I was explaining to her that I may keep her home from school because our temperatures were going to be anywhere  between -35 and -40 Celsius. Well of course that was a HUGE problem, she said “nooooo I really want to go and see my friends”. I said okay, if you’re really sure then I guess we will get bundled up and go to the bus stop in the morning. When were done having breakfast I check my phone to see an email from the transportation board saying that there was delays and her stop was going to be 40 minutes later then usual. This was fine and gave us some extra play time. Right before we were going to get ready, another email! Now 120 minute delay.

 At this point I said forget it, you’re staying home. It really seemed from there on out my children were determined to have the most terrible day. It was non stop screaming, no sharing and an awful time all around. So yes I am looking forward to school tomorrow, as is my daughter. She said multiple times today how much she really wanted to go. I couldn’t explain to her enough about the delays for her to actually understand. Let’s hope the buses will be on time tomorrow so we can get back to our regular routine and our mostly happy kids.

This cold weather is making us all a little stir crazy, I hope it lets up soon. Thanks for reading, have a great day!! <3 Heidi