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Guest Blog: Christmas Shopping!

 Hello everyone and welcome back for another wonderful Wednesday. Today I am going to discuss Christmas shopping. I personally find it very stressful having to get out in the crowds at this time of year. I usually love shopping, but somehow running from store to store when one is sold out of that one item on your list just isn’t as fun as the usual mall trip.

I am no miracle worker but I always try my best to get everyone what they really want (within reason). I always ask my friends or family what they would like? Or if they could give me some ideas for their children. I like to know what to buy, that way I know it will actually get used and not just sit in a closet collecting dust. Some might think it’s wrong to ask for something, or to tell other what you want. Honestly I find it makes things easier. I make a list and therefore plan my trip accordingly. I am a practical person and enjoy buying practical gifts.

Tonight my daughter was out at an activity so hubby, DS and myself all took a trip over to the local mall. I had a clear plan in my mind of where I wanted to go and what I wanted to purchase. I managed to get quite a bit done. 1-2 more small trips and we should be completely done. I really should have just went myself though because lets face it, 99% of husbands HATE shopping. I feel rushed when he is with me because I know he could care less about what I am buying and who it’s for, he just wants it done. Then when I look at things that have nothing to do with the Christmas gifts I am there for he really gets annoyed, haha whoops! Maybe next year I’ll do my shopping online to save us both the trouble. My friend recommended this site:, so I might have to check it out.

I tell myself every year “I must start earlier”. Why can’t I be one of those wonderfully smart people who are done in September-October? No I always wait, and put myself through this torture and stress. Maybe I don’t feel in the holiday spirit so early? Maybe I wait for sales? I don’t really know why I wait. I am definitely going to strive to start earlier, if only to make it easier on myself and my wallet so it’s not such a large chunk all at once. At least I am not as bad as my hubby who usually shops on Christmas Eve.

Are you a planner and have your shopping all finished wayyyyyy early? Or are you like me and still have a few more to go?

Have fun shopping for those last gifts, the malls are only going to get crazier. Heidi <3