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Guest Blog: Community Shared Agriculture/CSA

Hi everyone, it’s Heidi on this wonderful Wednesday. For my guest blog today want to discuss…

Community Shared Agriculture Or CSA – is a system of growing and distributing organic produce that restores the link between the farmers and city dwellers.

What is a share? “A Share” is the term we use for the box of fresh, certified organic produce you will receive, weekly or biweekly.

Yesterday I signed up to take part in this wonderful opportunity. I have been looking into buying local organic produce this way for quite some time but never have for whatever reason. A few weeks back I received an email from the local farm who organizes and takes care of everything. I had completely forgotten abut the shares, so I was grateful for the email. After receiving  the email, I knew that this was definitely something to further investigate. Their website is very user friendly and provides so much useful information.

After discussing with my hubby and deciding if this was the financially practical way to go, we both said yes. It really is a great way to purchase amazingly fresh, local, organic produce. We are supporting our local farmers, while knowing exactly where our food is coming from. To me that is a great feeling. The fact that it is no more expensive then me going to the supermarket is the cherry on top.

Our first delivery is set to arrive next Tuesday. I cant wait to see what will be included. I know this is going to force us to cook with things that I would never even think to try let alone buy at the supermarket. It’s definitely going to make us get more creative with our cooking, but that could be a good thing right? Since trying to eat more of a paleo diet we have incorporated way more vegetables into our lifestyle. I think we are going to love this.

“It’s about more than just vegetables. It’s about supporting your local economy and local farm families.”

Thanks so much for reading. Heidi <3

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