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Guest Blog: Diaper Liners vs Diaper Sprayer

Hello to all you wonderful readers it’s Heidi blogging for you on this freezing Wednesday.
Today I am going to discuss – Diaper liners vs Diaper Sprayer

In our home we use AppleCheeks cloth diapers exclusively. They make phenomenal products that I am proud to use on my son. It wasn’t until a few months ago I decided to give their diaper liners a go. I knew without a doubt that they would be a great product with superior quality, just like everything else they produce. I have always been a diaper sprayer kinda girl so this was a whole new ball game for me. After hearing more and more, how spraying your diapers can have significant wear and tear, my mind was made up. There was no way I wanted my precious stash being ruined all because of what? Water? I don’t think so.

I immediately set off to buy some liners, and can I say how glad I am. This has made cloth diapering with AppleCheeks even more user friendly, if that’s even possible. My hubby was never a fan of spraying. He always made a huge mess and lets face it, you’re dealing with poop and well, it’s kinda gross to know it’s spraying who knows where. You just lay the liner inside of your diaper cover, snap and away you go. Once the child poops you pop in the toilet, flush and your cover and insert easily goes in your storage sac. The liners come in a roll of 100 and if they aren’t soiled they can be rinsed off and used again once dry.

I seriously cannot believe it took me 17 months to discover the beauty of these liners. I went from being a spray only mama to a complete disposable liner advocate. If anyone is on the fence about using a sprayer or disposable liners, take my advice and buy the liners. They are so much easier, so much cleaner and your husband might thank you like mine did. ;)

Thank you AppleCheeks yet again, for another amazing product that surpassed my expectations.

Do you cloth diaper? Do you spray or use liner?

Thanks so much for reading, have a wonderful day. Heidi <3