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Guest Blog: Living Through Construction

We have lived in our home for just over 5 years. We have been talking for some time about finishing our basement. Our house was a new build so there is nothing down there but a cement floor and some insulation on the walls. Our house isn’t very big, so we definitely want to complete this project to get the most space out of our house. It was one of those things that we kept saying we were going to start, but then each time something came up – I’m sure you’ve all been there. First it was the washing machine which decided to go kaput. Then my husband managed to break the garage door. He still to this day claims that it wasn’t his fault. I know it was, but he won’t have it. Nevertheless I made him call Coastal Garage Doors and get it fixed. The plus side of this was I was never really a fan of our garage door and the cost of replacing it was essentially the same as replacing it, so we decided to get a new one. It’s much more my style and I’m so happy with it. In reality my husband probably did me a favour, but don’t tell him I said that… Anyway, these things cost us money and meant we kept putting off the basement renovation.
Even so, about a month ago my husband finally started working on the basement. We know this project isn’t going to be done overnight because he is only working on it in his free time from his regular daytime job. So far most of the framing has been completed and drywall is going up in certain areas. Then we will move our belongings to the other side of the room and finish that.
I know I have been waiting for 5 years already, but I REALLY want this done. I seriously cannot wait and am beyond excited. It is currently such a mess, as expected. I can’t wait for the fun parts to buy paint, pick out flooring and decorating of course. (Yes I’m such a woman)
With the kids being sick, my daughters birthday, hubby’s crazy work schedule and now him being sick nothing has been worked on in over a week. I know it will eventually get done, but it’s so hard to wait. I can handle it much better because it isn’t right in front of me. I have a hard time living through construction and mess, I get anxiety over it all. Interestingly enough I can close the door and it all disappears…except when I do laundry, but I’m okay with that.
Hopefully sooner than later I can write a blog saying that my basement is done. Wish us luck!
Is anyone else renovating or changing things up in your house/apartment? Do you love or hate the whole process? Tell us about it.
I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday. Heidi