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Guest Blog: My Girl is Turning Five!!

 I cannot believe that in a few short weeks my daughter will be turning 5. It seems like time has literally flown by. I still remember holding her in the hospital like it was yesterday. At the same time I feel like I can’t always remember small details, like they’re just slipping away and I don’t even realize it. We only have 2 children so far and birthday parties are kind of a big deal. We have lots of family and friends that always come so it’s always a full house. This year is my daughters first year of school so naturally she asked if she could invite some of her friends from school. We didn’t have any problem with this, especially since she doesn’t have a ton of friends outside of school and no cousins either.

Since our house is pretty small and we are in the process of finishing our basement we decided to host her party at an indoor playground. She is absolutely thrilled about the whole thing. She looks at her calendar daily and counts down the days to her actual birthday (February 26th) and her party day (March 1st). The place that we are holding the party includes food, drinks and snacks for everyone attending up to 25 guests. I stress out about parties when it comes to food, themes, guests, space etc. Having her party at a facility equipped to handle big groups makes me feel much better, plus I don’t have to worry about cleaning up any messes haha.

I have a friend from high school that makes custom cakes for any occasion. Her prices are very competitive and her work is incredible. My daughter has requested a “Frozen” cake from the Disney movie. I cannot wait to see the cake and even more my daughters face when she sees it. I still need to put together loot bags and just the thought of getting them ready makes me panicky, I know I’m weird most people love this stuff. I don’t know why I get this way, but I can’t help it. At least having the party and food taken care of takes a lot of stress off of my plate.

In 3 short months we will be celebrating my sons 2nd birthday, time really needs to slow down a little. Do you love or hate party planning? Do your kids have a party coming up soon?

Thanks for reading, have a wonderful Wednesday. Heidi <3