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Guest Blog: Sickness Lingers

Oh the dreaded school year, where sickness lingers.

As excited as I was to send my daughter to school this year, I never realized how many sicknesses are passed on from one child to the next. Before my daughter started school she was rarely sick. She has had the odd cold in her life, maybe 2x a year.
Since starting school this last September she has been sick on and off about 4 times. Nothing serious, once was a 48 hour stomach bug, but other than that it’s been your typical cough and runny nose, thankfully. I hear about so many kids having strep throat, croup, ear infections the list goes on and on. We are lucky to have only had mild cases of sickness. It just feels like when we are finally healthy, not much time passes and we’re all coming down with something else.
Today I received a phone call saying that my daughter wasn’t feeling well and wanted to come home. Of course I said okay. Once she arrived home I was shocked to see how great she looked. I was expecting some sickly lethargic child, but nope she seemed fine. She told me her cough was bothering her and that her belly hurt. She rested, watched a movie and played with toys. I guess she just needed that down time away from the classroom, and that’s okay with me.
I wish I knew a solution to prevent the sicknesses from happening? Or at least minimize how often it happens. We eat healthy, we are frequently asking her to wash her hands. I think one of the big issues is parents can’t really afford or simply can’t take enough time off of work. So they send their kids to school while they’re still sick, thus infecting the other kids. I know this is boosting her immune system, it’s just hard dealing with it in the meantime.
Do you have any words of wisdom on preventing sickness? Any tips or tricks, please share.
Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone. I am going to rest since my throat hurts and I’m not feeling the greatest. Stay healthy, Heidi <3 d