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Guest Blog: The Great Pre Christmas De-clutter

Hey everyone, it’s Heidi here for another blog on this wonderful Wednesday! In keeping with the theme Jeanine has going, I am going to discuss pre-Christmas de-cluttering. A few weeks back my 4.5-year-old daughter and I went through all of the toys in the living room. We were deciding what we would keep, what we would throw out and what we would donate. We managed to accumulate 4 grocery sized bags full. To me this is crazy, our living room doesn’t even have that much space. The toy storage area isn’t very impressive and I really had no idea it held that much. Even though we just did it a few weeks back, I am sure we could come up with another bag of donations. It really is a never-ending battle. 

Around this time of year I always feel a bit anxious at the thought of all of the presents that are going to come in just over a month. The million piece puzzle that we will manage to lose pieces to, the doctor set that ends up missing everything but the stethoscope and a band-aid, and the workbench that has everything stored on it other than a tool. This year I am trying to be more proactive than usual in my efforts to rid our house of things we really don’t use. 

After organizing the toy area in the living room I feel the need to move on to bigger and better things. The kids closets, their dressers, the garage and the dreaded basement (which is another drop off zone for toys not being used). I really hope that as a family we can get this all done. It makes me feel more relaxed knowing that my house isn’t busting at the seams with “junk” more or less. This year I have even been doing some research into organizing a Bin Rental to take all of our old clutter away. Hiring a bin just makes it so much easier to get all the cleaning done! Now to get the motivation to get this all done in time with all of the shopping and craziness this upcoming holiday season has to offer.

Do you de-clutter? Or are you a Pack-rat?
Let us know your tips and tricks for staying organized.  Heidi <3