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Hampton Creek: Just Cookie Dough


Well, Stick a fork in me I’m done. I’ve found the most amazing Cookie Dough that you can not only cook, but EAT RAW!! Yes, that’s right EAT IT RAW. Just grab a spoon and enjoy.

I’ve never eaten cookie dough raw. Ever. Because every Recipe I make from scratch usually contains eggs, and I’ve just never tried anything else. My usual recipe is one we all love so I stick it to but now, Hampton Creek is a huge game changer. HUGE.

Not only can you Eat the cookie dough straight out of the jar, but it’s also GMO Free, Cholesterol Free and Egg Free! It takes 9-11 mins to cook, although oven times do vary and it’s got the most amazing taste that you really just want more of! It took ours about 9 minutes to bake, and they were just perfect!

hampton2About Hampton Creek:
A company dedicated to making it easy for people to do the right thing, and eat right! Everyone should be able to eat delicious food that’s healthier, sustainable, and affordable. A cookie that Oprah called the “smarter cookie” just took delicious to an entirely different level. Just Cookies: all natural flavor, nothing artificial. Read more here.

What We Got:
We got a 14oz (397g) amazing jar of Just Cookie dough in Chocolate Chip!

hampton3How Else Can You Enjoy Hampton Creek’s Just Cookie Dough?:
Well, not only did we enjoy eating it straight off a spoon, we made a few cookies but my kids also enjoyed putting it on Vanilla ice cream! Little dollops of Cookie Dough and they taste like heaven!

Where to Buy and Flavours:
You can purchase Just Cookie Dough by simply clicking here to find a store near you! I am super sad there isn’t a store near me because I would love to buy this ALL the time! You can purchase Just Cookie Dough in Chocolate Chip!

A Healthy Option:
All Natural, Dairy Free, Cholesterol-Free and Allergy Friendly. Not only are these cookies delicious and easy to make but I ate 4 of these delicious cookies and here are the stats I got from eating 4 cookies

justcookiesTalk about amazing. You can find that information by using the Cookie Calculator here, which I have never seen before offered by anyone, so this is an amazing way to keep track and see exactly what you are eating, and what is going into your body when you want to have one, or indulge in a few of these delicious cookies!

cookiesHampton Creek  ||  Hampton Creek on Facebook  ||  Hampton Creek on Twitter

A huge thank you to Hampton Creek for providing us with this cookie dough. I have more from Hampton Coming up in a few weeks, you won’t want to miss that!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was given this product complimentary to review. However all opinions are mine and 100% true.

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