Holiday Bookmarks FREE Printable


We are SO close to the holidays I can taste it! I cannot wait to have my kiddos home. This year their last day is the 21st and they go back on January 7th. It’s the perfect length for a winter/Christmas break and I can’t wait to spend it with the family. These Holiday Bookmarks FREE Printable are the perfect little holiday addition to any book lovers collection!

Reading is one of the best ways we all pass time. I told my kids that after Christmas they need to be prepared to be reading lots, because well let’s face it – December 21st to January 7th is quite a bit of time and not only am I not prepared to hear the moaning of “I’m bored” books are an essential part of life. It doesn’t seem like it with the new generations all loving their devices as much as they do, but it’s true. I want to keep inspiring their love of reading even during the busy weeks to come. These Printable Holiday Bookmarks are the perfect way to bring a little extra magic to reading. My kids love homemade bookmarks, and love being able to help with the process: printing, cutting out, and yes laminating! It’s a lot of fun for them and I’ve made it easy offering up this fun FREE downloadable printable sheet. These bookmarks are also perfect for last minute classroom gifts. If you are like me and seem to leave things to the VERY LAST minute around the holidays, these are perfect. Print, Cutout and you can laminate or not and they make a great, adorable gift especially for the younger kiddos – and it’s not chocolate or candy. WIN/WIN.


For these bookmarks, I used good quality cardstock which I would recommend, especially if you won’t be laminating (this is a great one), and I used a small in-home laminator (which you can find here) I also used a paper cutter because I cannot cut straight to save my life (I have this one)I know the holidays can get very busy, I’ve found my kids tend to really benefit from quiet time – before bed, after dinner or even just in the afternoon of a busy day. Sit down, read a book, or even just look through a book at the photos helps when things are so chaotic during the holidays. We don’t do very much in terms of extended family or anything so it’s generally just us at home for the festivities but I find my kids still get overstimulated and extremely excited/hyper – I mean, who doesn’t? Santa comes! So having something for them to do for a little escape doesn’t hurt.

Happy Holidays!

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