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Holiday Wish List: Cats & Dogs — They Deserve To Be Spoiled Too! #PurinaPetPeople

After shopping for my kids and my husband my favourite type of shop is for my fur babies! I love heading out to the store – usually with a kid or two in toe, and we pick out some great treats and toys for our beloved fur babies! We can’t forget them during the holidays. They deserve to be spoiled, and loved on too every day of the year, but especially during the holidays when everyone else is celebrating!  Don’t let your fur baby go giftless this Christmas! Let’s get started…

Are you looking to find the perfect treats, toys, and supplies for your favourite little furry friend? You’ve come to the right place. I have some great ideas every pet would have on their wish list if they could create one!



  1. A New Bed: Our fur babies need a comfy little spot to call their own. While mine would sleep in my bed with us if we’d let them it can get really crowded with people and animals (3 dogs, 3 cats plus us? No way!) so buying them a new bed is a must!
  2. Chew Toys: For dogs, get them the best new chew toys available. My dogs love the ropes, and of course balls. They are cheap and you can pick up multiple packs to always have some on hand! Get rid of all your old play toys and balls (as they can come apart after long-use)
  3. Bells and Mice: My three calls love playing with bells, and little toy mice. They run around with them, chase each other for them and often if one gets away with one – they all run!
  4. New Brushes: Toss out the old brushes, especially if you find they are falling apart like I’ve noticed after using the same brush on my Shih Tzu; they get dull and don’t work as great anyways so pick up some new brushes!
  5. Pamper Kits: While I don’t bath my dogs often, it’s a great idea to have some shampoo on hand that is safe for your furry pets. Pick up a kit, or make your own that includes Shampoo, Clippers, Nail Care and a treat or two.
  6. New Leashes and Collars: I love replacing our old collars and leashes with new and fun ones. Especially after my leashes get older, I like to replace them as a precaution because Chase can really pull when on a leash so I don’t want to risk a break!

Speaking of treats – Make sure to ALWAYS have some on hand. Sometimes, owners may even want to consider handing their own snacks to their pets, but that’s not always advisable. There are days I love giving my pets treats for just being them, or doing something great so I love to make sure the holidays I am stocked up and they are not left without!


Purina DentaLife Chews Daily Dental Dog Snacks:

Purina DentaLife Chews Daily Dental Dog Snacks help to reduce tartar build-up, and have no added artificial colours or flavours. These star shaped treats clean hard-to- reach areas and freshens breath.

Available in two varieties, for small dogs (10-22 lb), and for medium dogs (22-54 lb):

Purina ® DentaLife Chews™ Daily Dental Dog Snack Medium Dog Treats

Purina ® DentaLife Chews™ Daily Dental Dog Snack Small Dog


Purina Beggin’ Strips:

Each Beggin’ Strip dog treat is made with real bacon and is sure to unleash a good time with your dog. Your dog will love the chewy texture of these savoury treats.

Available at $2 for $20

Purina ® Friskies ® Pull N Play™ Play Pack Cat Treats:

Strings that are edible? Incredible! At least that’s what cats think with this treat that takes the string shape cats love and makes it delicious! Pull & Play tender strings can be fed alone or combination with the Pull N’ Play wobbly cat toy that also dispenses Friskies treats!.

Pull ‘N Play tender strings are available in 2 delicious flavours, Chicken & Cheese or Salmon & Shrimp

What do you plan on getting the special pets in your life this holiday?

Disclosure: I am part of the Purina Pet People Amabassador Program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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