Homemade Pumpkin Window and Wall Clings


Homemade Pumpkin Window & Wall Clings: Perfect for Kids to get crafty! - sixtimemommy.com

“Imagination is the source of every form of human achievement.” – Ken Robinson

Being creative never came easy for me as a kid. I’m not sure if it’s because my mom wasn’t one to do crafts with me or not, but she was always doing her ceramics. So, I always would sit and watch her paint away. It wasn’t until I lived with family members as a young mom at 18 that I realized how important imagination, craft and getting kids involved in these things really was.

Now I try to make sure my kiddos be as creative as their little hearts desire. I try to always encourage imaginative play and crafts. We love doing crafts. When we moved into our new house this past summer it made me sad to think we couldn’t really do much decorating for Halloween, Christmas etc so what else is there to do when you don’t have the outdoor space to show your love of all Holidays?

Of course, Decorate inside!

With Halloween coming up quickly, here are some Homemade Pumpkin window and Wall clings to decorate inside your home as well as windows that everyone can still see!


  • Orange puffy paint
  • Green puffy paint
  • Halloween coloring book or any pumpkin clip art will do
  • 3 ring binder page protectors
  • 8×10 piece of paper


1. Insert a piece of 8×10 paper into your page protector
2. Cut out any pumpkin out of your coloring book or print off a pumpkin clip art picture from your computer
3. Insert your pumpkin picture on top of the paper but under the page protector
4. Begin tracing your pumpkin with orange puffy paint, outlining first, then if you want, fill in with color
5. Make sure you paint thicker with the puffy paint
6. Now move onto the step, painting with green puffy paint
7. Once your finished with one, carefully move your picture to a new spot on the page protector, then repeat steps 4-6
8. Let your pumpkins dry for 24 hours, then carefully peel off
9. These look great on windows, but can be placed on walls, mirrors, etc.







clings10Super cute right?

You can make just about anything with this method. My girls said glow in the dark would be super cool. Even for ceilings. I think that’s a great idea.

I think it would also be fun to let’s the kids decide what to make. Get them a coloring book or two and let them be as creative as they want! I’m sure their imagination could come up with some fun ideas without a book too!

Have you ever made your own homemade window or wall clings?

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