Homemade Valentine’s Card For Kids – With Glow Sticks FREE Printable!


Last week I shared this FREE Printable Valentine’s Day card for kids that go with the little mazes you can get at the dollar store. Well, this week I’m sharing another printable that you can use with Glow Sticks! Two of my younger kids favourite things, you cannot go wrong with mazes or glow sticks!

These as well as the ones last week are gender neutral! Both boys and girls can use them and give them out to family, friends or their classes! I think its a much better alternative than giving candy and I also hate going out to spend $5+ on a box of Valentine’s because not only do they usually not have the exact numbers for the class sizes we need but they aren’t always gender neutral. These are, and you can print as many as you’d like.

With these I also used the thicker card stock paper. So they don’t bend easily, and the glow sticks don’t end up ruining the cards. I got a pack of glow sticks at the dollar store for $1 and used a hole punch to get the holes in the side of the cards to hold the glow sticks. Super easy, and fun!

Valentine’s Day is suppose to be fun and celebrate the ones you love, and your friends on Valentine’s. I always did store bought cards as a kid and would always be so disappointed that I couldn’t do anything fun with my mom like printables, and fun little toys.

This is a lot of fun to do with the kids and they can write to who the cards are for, and write their name in the from section. I left them blank so they could do that later! Fun, fun.


Want to print off these fun Valentine’s Cards just in time for Valentine’s Day? Here is it up for grabs for you! Click the pic to download or the Link below.


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