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Do you remember a few weeks ago I posted about my new Hoover Air Cordless 3.0? I had also mentioned that the Hoover Air became the Ultimate Duo when paired with the Hoover Turbo Scrub Carpet Cleaner! So today I’m going to share my Turbo Scrub. If you are looking for the ultimate clean you will want to be sure to read my post about the Hoover Air as well.

turboscrub1You can vacuum and clean your house as much as possibly on a daily basis but are you truly getting a good deep clean? Chances are – probably not. This is why it’s so important to hire a carpet cleaning company annually and also make sure you have reliable cleaning equipment like the Turbo Scrub. You can truly get that deep down clean when you pair the Hoover Air Cordless 3.0 and the Turbo Scrub together. They work together as the Ultimate Duo.


hoover3I’ve never owned a carpet cleaner before. We’ve rented them when needed and hired the services of a company similar to this Rug Cleaning Toorak, but I’ve never owned one so when the Turbo Scrub arrived at my house I was beyond thrilled. I couldn’t wait to tackle our living room carpet and when my husband suggested we clean our couch with it I wasn’t sure it was possible – but guess what? It was! My couch is now as clean as they day we purchased it, and that says a lot considering all the people and animals on it daily! (Make sure you check your couch to see if this will work before trying!)

The Turbo Scrub comes with a really cool upholstery tool to really make it easy get those harder to reach areas cleaned as well. Need to clean your stairs carpet? or in the tiny corners, around shelves or big furniture you cannot move? No worries, the upholstery tool makes that a possibility!





  • Lightweight weighs less than 19 pounds
  • Easy to Fill, Empty & Clean with Smart Tank™ system making emptying and filling easy with no mess, no tools and no waste of time. The recovery tank comes with a quick pour spout.
  • Exclusive SpinScrub ® Technology 360 degree cleaning surrounding carpet fibers. A multiple brush system only from Hoover ®. Counter rotating brushes spin, not roll, for constant carpet contact. Brushes are removable for easy cleaning.
  • 8′ Ready-To-Use Hose and Upholstery Tool to deep clean stairs and hard-to-reach areas.
  • Fast Dry Time with forced heated air.
  • 4 Easy To Access Handles allows for easy transport with four different choices of handles located on the unit.
  • 20 Foot Power Cord
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

SRP: $149.99

With a 20 foot cord it was easy to use, and not have to worry about the cord pulling out of the wall. I was able to clean the area I needed to clean with plenty of room left over. The hose is 8 feet, so I felt like I wasn’t restricted when it comes cleaning the areas that needed it most. The clean water and dirty water capacity is 1 gallon each, so you don’t have to fear constantly having to stop to redo or empty the tanks.



hoovercollage1The Turbo Scrub is extremely lightweight, especially for a carpet cleaner and weighs less than 19 pounds. The system is easy to fill, empty and clean. I usually have to get my husband to help with all of that and with this system I could do it myself. It’s very easy, and the instructions are easy and clear to read. I love that you don’t only get the Turbo Scrub machine you also get a 8′ Hose, Mesh Tool Storage Bag and 16 oz. Clean Plus 2X Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner.

With 6 kids, 3 dogs and 3 cats my carpets and any upholstered furniture and surface in my house could use a good deep scrub here and there. I’m impressed with the fact it didn’t take my carpets or anything long to dry either. Huge plus with so many people and animals in the house!

Want to see the end result after carpet cleaning a carpet that was put down in August? And a couch that was brand new from August… brace yourself.

hoover11I am beyond mortified that I just shared this but guess what? It’s no longer in my carpets or in my couches so that is a huge plus. It’s amazing to see.

If you are like me and like hiring a professional carpet cleaning service to make sure your house is clean, but don’t always feel like it’s truly, deeply cleaned you may want to check out the Hoover Turbo Scrub.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I am part of the Hoover #CleanTeam and receive special perks for being part of this group. However, all opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I need this for our upstairs. The people that owned the house before us installed off white carpeting throughout the entire upstairs (and up the stairs, too) of our house. You can imagine how filthy that thing is with two boys!

  2. Wow that looks like a great cleaner and that’s not a bad price for it either. I need one of these, since I run a daycare in my home and have 5 kids and 2 cats.

  3. The carpet cleaner looks like a very nice machine, and it would be nice to have. I know when I vacuum with our vacuum, that even though it is new itself, it still leaves a lot of cat hair behind. That upsets me because I am such a clean freak. Honestly, I would rather just live in a place without carpet :-)

  4. Oh my goodness, I totally need this. We rent a cleaner a couple times a year and it is so gross what comes up. I would love to have one instead of renting so that I can clean more-often

  5. That’s so cool. I initially thought it was a vacuum cleaner! It’s really awesome, I would love to have one at home. Thanks for sharing details about it!

  6. Hoovers are awesome to use for your carpet and couches, I love using it especially having three kids and a big hairy dog!

  7. can you believe I actually asked for a carpet cleaner for Christmas. My husband said I’m crazy and thats not a Christmas gift because it’s not “for me” but I really want it. We rent our home and with 5 people and 2 pets it gets a lot of traffic. We aren’t dirty,messy people but life happens and even though the carpets look clean, I can lift an area rug and see the different shades of white. This looks like the cleaner I need!

  8. I could really use this for the living room. We have 4 cats and a dog so there is always hair and my son comes in with his muddy boots so that makes a nice mess too.

  9. I need to upgrade mine, after years of use it has been not working as well as I would hope. This one looks great and I will have to look into getting one.

  10. Oh wow…that’s crazy how much gunk is hidden in our carpets and upholstery. I never even thought about running a cleaner like this over my couch…now I’m scared…lol.

  11. The Hoover rug cleaners have been the once I have bought ever since I remember. They work great on cleaning upholstery as well as the carpet. This one sounds and looks amazing. I will have to look into getting this one.

  12. We just love our steam cleaner. I remember when we bought it my mom and sister both said, why wouldn’t you just rent one. To be honest, We would have rented one three or four times and we would have paid for one outright. Since we had small kids and a dog, it just made sense to buy one. Best decision yet!

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