Hospital Bag for the Mom – What to Pack

I have seen all these long checklists that say what you should pack in your hospital bag, that can frankly be overwhelming. Well, I am here to help you to share the real things you will want to have packed. The first few days of your baby’s life will go by so fast, you won’t have much time to do anything but tend to your baby!

So, if you are wondering what to pack in the hospital bag for mom, then keep reading below! I recommend having your bag and baby’s bag packed by 35 weeks. You never know when your baby might decide to come out and greet the world. Better to be prepared!

Packing the Hospital Bag for Mom

Talk to Hospital: Most hospitals will provide items for baby and mom while you are there. Diapers, wipes, clothing for baby, pads, mesh undies for mom (these are heaven) and so on. If you attend a birthing class you can ask there, if your hospital provides items like this. They normally give you really thick and heavy pads, as you will have a lot of bleeding. Mesh underwear, that are disposable, as you might have a mess or two. The underwear are so comfortable, they are worth wearing. Everything they bring to your room, you can take home with you. So if you have 10 pads in the bathroom or half a pack of diapers, put them in your bag to take home. They have to throw out what you don’t use.

Birth Plan and Other Documents: If you have a birth plan you are wanting to follow make sure that is packed and easy to access. Have your insurance cards and other documents ready. If you are saving your baby’s cord blood, bring any documents that go with that. I will be printing out my Hug Plan thanks to Huggies to bring along with me to the hospital!

Lip Balm and Hard Candies: Your mouth might get pretty dry during labor! Make sure to have some lip balm and some hard candies you can suck on to moisturize your mouth for after having the baby.

Socks or Slippers: You will have to do some walking after you have your baby. Consider getting some non-slip socks or slippers to wear around the hospital. If you have a c-section they recommend walking quite a bit, so make sure you are comfy.

Robe and Loose Clothing: Pack enough for 2-3 day stay, loose tops, bottoms and even a robe. If you wear night gowns that works too, just make sure it isn’t tight around your stomach. You will be sore and having loose fitting clothes will help, especially if you end up with a c-section. If you are nursing, a robe works great, you can wear a nursing tank under, and then when not nursing you can cover up when people are visiting.

Nursing Bras: If you are planning on nursing pack at least 3-4 bras, along with nursing pads. Most of the time you will just produce colostrum in the hospital, but just have the nursing pads in case your milk comes in early. If you have nursing tank tops you can bring a couple of those too.

Nipple Cream: If you are breastfeeding pack some nipple cream. This will help as breastfeeding at first can really take a toll on you. You might crack a little or feel pain, so having a good cream can help relieve that.

Toiletries: This is one to talk to your hospital on, but bring shampoo, conditioner and such. Some hospitals provide this, but you might want to use your own! Either way, I suggest buying travel sizes to save room in your bag.

Snacks or Change: Make sure to pack some crackers, beef jerky, sweets or whatever you enjoy eating. These are great to have for those midnight feedings you find yourself getting hungry at. Or pack loose change so you can hit up a vending machine on your rounds of walking.

Cell Phone Charger: Make sure to pack a cell phone charger, your phone might be pretty busy once you announce the new arrival of your baby. If you bring any other electronics, have chargers packed as well.

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