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How I Organize Diapers & Accessories For 2 Baby Girls

Having two little ones close together means having a lot of diapers, wipes and accessories that can end up all over the place. Living in our house it often does so I had to do something to end the clutter, and mess! Back when my older two girls were younger it was a nightmare keeping things separate and/or together. They were 10 months apart and believe me when I say, they had a lot of things.

Now we are a bit more minimalist when it comes to babies and accessories. When I refreshed my linen closet I knew I wanted blankets, diapers and wipes to all be together but I also wanted to make sure the two little girls hair items (that they don’t really use yet!) stay together and the older girls won’t take them or lose them. So, I decided to make them a home in the linen closet too. Our house was blessed with two linen closets so I’m using this one, right off the kitchen and near the living room, for their things.

To be honest, as much as I love my linen closet, I have been thinking about getting my closet extended and installing a brand new bifold closet door. One of my friends recently had to fix a bifold closet door in her home after the closet door got jammed and she has totally inspired me to invest in more storage space for our growing family. I just think that bifold closet doors look so chic! We have a few home improvement projects planned so I will have to add these tasks to my to-do list.

Anyway, people often ask me how I keep track of everything having so many kids, and how I can make sure all of our stuff is organized so I thought I’d share this with you all to hopefully help get you organized too!

Little hands can’t reach the hair accessories as I have them higher in the closet, but the diapers are lower and accessible. Hanna likes to get her own diapers, and get some for baby Mia too – so I have to keep them where she can reach them. I decided to label even the diaper trays because if an older child goes to grab a diaper for me it helps them grab the right size from the get go and not have to worry about grabbing the wrong ones!

For this project I used:

  • Mabel’s Label’s Glitter Labels – Two packs. One for Hanna and one for Mia (get your own here)
  • 2 Plastic pink quarter trays for hair accessories – pack of 3 for $1,25
  • 2 Plastic trays for diapers – $1.25ea
  • 1 Plastic basket for wipes – $2

I organized the diapers by size. Right now, Hanna is in size 4 and Mia is just about ready to move up to size 2. I put the labels for each girl on each tray and began to fill them up.

I love how many can fit in each basket so I don’t have to worry about refilling them for a good while, and I love that they fit right in the closet perfectly side-by-side, exactly what I wanted.The hair accessories were something I was nervous about putting anywhere but up high because I know my girls love to do the little girls hair, or even theirs and I didn’t want anything to get mixed up. Mia’s are super small, and Hanna’s are toddler size so I would have to sit and go through everything to put them all back to where they go but, it’s working out perfectly.

I keep three packs of wipes in the closet at all times. One big bag of 184 and two smaller packs. Of course, we only use Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers and Natural Care wipes in our house, but you already know that!It works for us. It was super cheap to grab all the things needed to make sure I stay sane having everything in one place that we need daily.

I also adore Mabel’s Label’s so being able to use them for fun projects like these are a lot of fun. These Glitter Labels are also waterproof too so you can use them for just about anything – school lunches, trips to the beach, heading to the local pool or even just at home on toys. They are wonderful, and last. We’ve always been a huge fan of Mabel’s Label’s! Get 45 Labels for just $26.00 Canadian!

Do you have a special place for all your daily items? Where do you keep the things you use most often?

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