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How to Get A Dog to Stop Digging

Dogs are incredible. For so many reasons, but not everything they do is incredible. Digging is one part of being a dog owner I was glad I took care of early on. My dogs are 10, 9, and 8 years old, so they aren’t puppies anymore but I do remember those days very well. Today, I’m going to share with you How to Get A Dog To Stop Digging.

Dogs dig for many reasons, one of these may fit why your dog is digging up your yard:

  • They are bored
  • They want to escape the yard (for many reasons, usually just to explore!)
  • They may want to bury something
  • It may be too hot outside (they can dig to get to the cooler dirt)

There are many reasons your dog(s) may be digging, none of which are fun for you, the owner. Chase, our oldest dog, we’ve had since he was 8 weeks old and he used to dig and live up to his name Chase, by escaping our yard every chance he got.

He still sometimes tries to bolt, when he hears kids outside (loves kids) or sees squirrels that he wants to play with. But digging? Hasn’t been a problem since he was a puppy, here’s what worked for us.

How to Get A Dog to Stop Digging

  • Do more on leash walks: My kids took our dogs for walks twice a day, and the rest of the time the were in the house or enjoying the backyard. Taking them for walks gives them plenty of exercise and seemed to have calmed them down and pooped them out.
  • Play with them and get them toys: Playing with your dogs makes them happy and let’s face it — you too! Keeping them busy and occupied, even when you can’t play with them will keep them distracted and away from digging up your yard.
  • Redirect when they try to dig: See your dog looking to dig? Redirect them to a different area, and give them distractions to keep them busy.
  • Discourage digging: Dogs are smart. They know what you’re telling them to do, and not to do. Discourage digging by moving them, show them you fixing the area, and tell them no.
  • Create an area for digging: (optional) this is one we didn’t do, but did think of doing if everything else didn’t seem to work.
  • Seek help: This is one we didn’t have to do, but some days may need more assistance and encouragement to move on from digging.

Keep in mind digging for dogs is a natural behaviour. So while we dislike it and understand why we don’t want our dogs digging up our beautiful yards; they don’t and its something that may need extra work to ensure they stop this behaviour quickly.

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