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How to get a Jumpstart on Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year again! Spring Cleaning — one of my favourites. I love being able to toss unwanted clutter and although I do it often I take the time in the spring to go through boxes, and storage items to see what I can get rid of and tackle it all at once then. It’s hard having so many kids and being as sentimental as I am as I hate throwing away their artwork and their schoolwork. It’s awful, and I know it but I just can’t do it. I have to get my husband to do it when I’m not looking or I just tuck it all away in boxes.

Photo Credit: Heather Ashley, unsplash.

I decided I’d share my few tips on how I get a jumpstart on Spring Cleaning! Once April hits I know the snow will be melting soon and the warmer weather will be upon us. I won’t want to be spending all my time inside with the kids, we will want to be outside more so getting it done in April is ideal.

How to get a Jumpstart on Spring Cleaning

  • Pick a room and tackle it: Before going anywhere else. This sounds like a given but I have been known to start one room then head to another and keep the cycle going leaving a tornado behind me. This is something I’ve learned to fix in the last few years and it makes such a difference and gets things done much quicker.
  • Have a plan: It’s easy to say you are going to tackle all your boxes and clean things out but what are you doing with it all? Arm yourself with a plan of action and stick to it!
  • Pile it up: Make sure you have clear piles for: garbage, donate and keep.
  • Enlist help: I love getting my kids to help me tackle old boxes of memories. It’s fun for me and they love learning about the past and seeing their old momentos.
  • Deep clean as you go: While cleaning out closets and boxes from storage I like to sweep, mop and deep clean the areas too because generally these areas are hidden by storage throughout the year its a great idea to tackle it while you can.
  • Be realistic: I wish I could keep everything my kids made. Every single thing. But, it’s not realistic. If you are like me have someone else help out and toss what you really don’t need but may be hard for you!

There you have it! Six ways to help jumpstart your spring cleaning. We don’t have much to spring clean since we just moved 2 summers ago and tossed basically everything we owned before we moved to start fresh. But, things accumulate so we’ll see what happens!